Thursday, April 3, 2014

Small Group Kettlebell Training

I am offering a smaller group setting for Kettlebell training.  You can register here  

This is women only group training and the limit will be 15 people.  If you have questions please leave a comment.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kettlebell Bootcamp 90 Day Challenge

It’s been forever since I’ve posted a blog!  It’s not because I’ve stopped what I was doing.  On the contrary I’m involved more with people and helping promote health and wellness than before.  These past couple of years has allowed me the opportunity to meet so many great people and be mentored by so many more inspiring, strong, healthy and smart women and men. 
                After three years of training using the Russian Kettlebell methods I became a certified Russian Kettlebell Coach.  This was a very good learning experience for me and I have been able to return and help many of our participants become stronger and healthier.  In 2014 at THE School ofStrength we offered our members the chance improve their overall health through, diet, exercise, goal setting, and mental health. 
                Someone asked me what I plan to do once I graduate from school.  Well I believe I’m doing it! I educate others about the importance of their overall health.  I HELP people learn how to set goals and how to put those goals into action.  I ENCOURAGE others that they can control their life, eating, food, stress, anxiety or depression.  These things don't have to control doesn’t have them.  I MOTIVATE by simply checking in with people and giving them a little nudge.  I CHEER oh how I CHEER!   During this challenge I am in disbelief the amount of effort and enthusiasm the 90 Day Challenge members have expressed.  I’ve read emails that I could completely relate to, people hiding from life and sucked so deep into anxiety, stress, and depression; they never knew they could feel so good again.  I’ve cried tears of happiness for many members who amaze me with their courage and determination that they lacked before.
                I think GOD had a plan for me but it was up to me to realize it. I had to dig deep to find out what HE wanted.  There were so many years I had given up on HIM but HE never gave up on me.  Through all of it I changed my life and health.  I found a wonderful place to train.  I met so many fabulous people during my journey.  What I’ve been doing with our new challenge is doing what I always wanted, to help others! 
                If you are a person that has tried every diet without success, maybe it’s time to give up on  dieting and learn how to change your lifestyle.  Learn how to manage stress eating.  Learn how food can heal your body and make you feel so much better.  Learn how overtraining and under eating are two things that will ruin your goals. Get support from other members and realize you shouldn’t be doing this alone!
                Here is some great feedback I’ve received in the past 90 Days!
“Thanks for the encouragement.  I still can't believe that I have finally found what works.  Portion control and exercise.  What a concept! LOL  I am not starving and doing stupid diets that always make you fail.”
“You have no idea how awesome this challenge has been for me. Really. I needed this - the support, the confidence that I could do it, hearing your story, all of it.”
Do you feel the Facebook page has been beneficial?  Yes. I really do love the support and positive messages people share with one another.”
“I know this challenge has helped my husband and I both identify all the "crap" that was filling our diets and our children's diets. We have made the switch for 2 entire months now and going strong and loving it.”
 “I can do a real pushup. That's about all...for good form, well, ok...maybe 3. So I still do knee pushups in class, but I CAN actually do real pushups. And I'm getting more flexible and almost have flat hands on my pike position.”
“I have learned that combining exercise with nutrition modification yields results.  I had kind of given up on ever being in shape again, but have learned that getting started and getting tough is the key to accomplishment and I can train like an athlete.”
“I have gone from 2 candy bars a day to zero.  I haven't had a candy bar since the day we started the challenge. That is huge!”
There is still time to register for the new Spring Fitness and Body Challenge