Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Excuses Or Simply not Ready for Change

Excuse or Something Else? 
Everyone knows that person who always has an excuse for everything.  You might be the person giving an excuse.  I use to get so frustrated with people that complained and complained about how they were so miserable with their health, weight or appearance but they never do anything to help themselves. I’ve come to realize it’s not the excuse holding them back.  Instead they just aren’t ready.  Sadly some people never become ready to make changes.  Instead this person will live a long life of illness, metabolic diseases and suffer with ailments until the end. 

What makes a person ready to make a change?  There is a theory called the Transtherotical Model (Stages of Change).  Everyone uses it at some point in their life but might not be aware.  What is the Transtheortical Model?  It’s the processes we go through to begin making behavioral changes.  Behavioral changes like smoking cessation, starting an exercise program or eating healthy.  There are more behavior changes but these are a few. 

There are six stages of the Transtherotical Model:

1.       Precontemplation (Not Ready)- People in this stage don’t have any intention to make changes now or in the future.  Reasons may be because they simply don’t know they need a change.  The person  might have tried many times before, failed and are afraid to fail again.   

2.       Contemplation (Getting Ready) – These are people who intend to make a change within the next six months.  They are aware of the pros and cons of making a change but they are motivated.  Sometimes people become stuck in this stage due to fear, lack of support or money. 

3.       Preparation (Ready)- This stage is typically when changes will occur within the next month.  Actions have been taken to begin, they joined a gym, purchased a self-help book, or find a wellness coach or a trainer. 

4.       Action- These are the people that are working on their goals.  They are going to the gym or exercising at home.  They have begun a smoking cessation program.  They are working with a coach to help them lose weight or make positive health changes.  This is about a six month stage to really know it’s going to stick.  

5.       Maintenance stage-  It's been six months or more and still going strong with their behavioral changes.  The change is now a positive habit and they have more confidence (self-efficacy) in themselves and believe they won’t go back to the negative habits. 

6.       Termination Stage-  YES CHANGED FOR GOOD!!!!  This is the stage where people can fight past depression, anxiety, boredom, lonely and anxiousness without relapsing back to bad behaviors.  They now have alternative methods to cope with these issues. 

Where are you or someone you know in the Transtheoritical Model?  Don’t get annoyed with the excuses because it may not be their/your time.   Be positive with people that aren’t ready for change.  One day it might happen and then again it might not.  However, you cannot push them into something they just aren’t ready to do.  I cannot drag clients across the finish line and I’ve learned that over the years.  They may regress and it’s not my fault.  Learn to let it go and understand they might come back one day. 

I encourage you to think about a behavior you want to change and what stage you might currently be in the Stages of Change.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Why Avoiding Food is Making You Fat

Many people believe if they restrict daily calorie intake to a ridiculously low amount they will lose weight or fat.  This is a common misconception so don’t fall victim to this myth.  During the beginning of weight loss our body is typically eliminating water and unfortunately breaking down muscle.    Unfortunately people believe if they cut calories excessively they will lose weight; sadly this is untrue.  Instead the body becomes a fat storing machine.  Why?  I’ve talked about this many times but it is our natural safety mechanism.  Extreme calorie restriction often known as Anorexia Nervosa causes major health problems and bone density is decreased.  An overweight person has an increased risk of bone density decreasing.  This decreased bone density increases the risk of stress fractures or complete fractures in bones.  Excessive weight loss decreases muscle mass.  Muscle is very important to our body because muscles help us move.  Bones are the foundation of the body but the muscles attached to the bones are what helps us move.  As we begin to age, as early as our twenties we begin to lose a small percentage of muscle mass each year.  This percentage of muscle mass is increased for sedentary people or excessive calorie cutters with poor diets.  Think about your grandparents or great parents; were they physically active throughout their senior lives?  Were your grandparents frail and unable to walk without shuffling or struggle to do daily tasks?  It’s important that we maintain our independence as long as possible. 
How to start the path of eating healthy and exercising daily? It must start with you.   It can’t be a doctor using scare tactics or family members teasing.  The want to change must happen within or it won’t happen.   Are you ready to make a commitment to change?  Why do you want to make a change?  Are you doing this for yourself or someone else? 

Here is a thought, what if instead of focusing on calories we focused on servings of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and good fats.  In addition to focusing on fats, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins include food timing, and emotions.    When you sit down to eat write down how you feel.  Are you sad, angry, tired, nervous or happy?  How much water have you drank?  Did you exercise?  Exercise will increase the need for more foods to be consumed to help repair the body and promote good immunity.  When the body becomes worn down from lack of sleep or hard workouts the risk of colds and illnesses increases.  Does counting calories drive you crazy?  Losing weight is as simple as being aware of the foods we put into our mouth.  If you eat lunch and dinner out every evening that’s a poor eating habit.  Think of how much weight you could lose if you cooked meals at home.  Eating breakfast every morning can decrease the chances of excessive eating at lunch.  Adding a snack around 2:30 -3:00 can also decrease the likelihood of overeating at dinner.   These are simple tasks that will go a long way when trying to reach a weight loss or health goal.  Don’t drive yourself crazy counting calories; if you eat wholesome foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, Greek yogurts, and lean proteins you will lose weight. Try to set a goal to eliminate the amount of foods you eat from packages.   Here are some goals that might help. 

Set Goals:

1.       I will eat 2 servings of fruits and 6 -8 servings of vegetables a day. (TRACK IT)
2.       I will take my lunch to work every day.
3.       I will set a timer for every 2.5-3 hours to eat very small meals/snacks
4.       I will eliminate pops or bad beverages; mochas, Frappuccino’s etc. 
5.       I will eat a protein, fat and carbohydrate at each meal.
6.       I will eat breakfast each morning.

Big Goal:

1.       I will lose one pound per week by eating a nutritious diet that consists of proteins, carbs and fats at each meal.  I will resistance train two days per week and complete 30 minutes of cardiorespiratory exercises for the first two weeks.  After two weeks I will increase my duration or intensity by 10 percent. 

SMART goals

Action oriented
Time (deadline)

These are small goals that can be easily achieved.   Focus on one goal each week instead of trying to do everything at once.  Set SMART goals and mark your calendar!  You can do it!!  For one on one coaching contact me. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Are You a Weekend Food Bender?

It’s the weekend!  The work week is over and it’s time to hang with friends.  What are you doing this weekend?  The local winery is having live music, drinks and fun.  There is birthday celebration.  Oh yeah, don’t forget girls night out!  But wait, you are trying to lose weight and don’t want to break that good streak you have going. Does this sound like you every Friday night?

All week you managed to eat healthy and avoid binge eating or drinking alcohol.  Then the weekend comes and you are consumed with guilt because you want to have good time but avoid destroying your goals.  What can you do? 

The number one thing to do that will help you stay on task with your goals is KEEP WRITING in your food journal!  Write down everything you eat and drink.  Include alcoholic beverages and if you can’t remember then there is a big problem.  Write down your daily goal each morning especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If binge eating/drinking is your problem then I would focus on a goal according to this issue.  Also another question you might ask yourself; are my friends making me fat?  I don’t mean literally but if the activities you do together revolve around food and drinking you might need to make some changes. 

Drinking more than one alcoholic drink can increase your likelihood of consuming extra calories.   Your inhibitions are down and you become more social and less aware.  Wine is a little more health friendly for someone trying to lose weight.  You can make wine go a little further if you ask for it to be mixed with Seltzer water.  This turns your drink into a spritzer.  Mixed drinks are the enemy; they contain higher sugar contents.  Beer typically adds 150 calories to your day as well as the extra carbs.
If you are attending a party make a healthy appetizer.  Providing your own food will allow you to eat and avoid guilt.   In addition when I attend a party or dinner I try to consume a protein shake with some fruit.  This will help me feel much fuller and I won’t eat very much.  If you eat out, box up half of your food before eating.  Boxing up your food will help decrease the calories you eat.  Most dinners out are 2-3 servings so you can see there are a lot of extra calories. 
If it is girls night out find an activity to do.  How about a girls day out; indoor rock climbing, Sky Zone, duck pen bowling, mani/pedi anything that doesn’t involve food. 

Try to keep your normal sleep schedule.  A lot of times we sleep-in over the weekend and miss breakfast.  When I oversleep I always start my day with breakfast.  Plus consuming at least 32 ounces of water because by this time I’m dehydrated.  Try to avoid eating breakfast out because the extra calories will kill your goals.  Don’t kid yourself if you exercise really hard over the weekend and the run to your local breakfast diner.  I guarantee you will consume more calories then you ever burned off. 

There are many ways to avoid weekend benders but you need to take a good look at what you are doing. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Success Comes With Time

I’ve worked with many people and all of them have the same goal.  Everyone wants to lose as much weight as they can in the quickest amount of time.  Whatever happened to slow and steady wins the race?  You know the story of the tortoise and the hare?

ACSM recommends one to two pounds of weight loss per week.  How can we obtain this type of weight loss?   Creating a caloric deficit and increasing our exercise is the best way to achieve weight loss.  What are the ASCM recommendations?  In order to lose one pound per week you must deduct 500 kcal from the diet a day.  If you wish to lose two pounds then deduct 1000 kcal per day.  This allows for 3500-7000 kcal deduction to reduce fat.  Here’s what happens to the people trying to rush their weight loss.  First they fall victim to someone that wants to sell them “shakes”.  If they drink a shake for breakfast, one for lunch and then eat dinner they will lose weight.  Right?  Yes, however this person learns nothing about eating healthy, good quality foods and as soon as they stop drinking shakes they return to their original weight.  Worse case they gain even more weight. 

Eating is by far the hardest part of losing weight.  Mainly because everything in life seems to revolve around food or drinks.  We celebrate with food and drinks.  Also we medicate with food and drinks.  The number one drug to relieve stress and depression is FOOD.  I get it!  I was depressed and I ate everything.  I was a binge eater.  When I felt down I would bake a pan of brownies and eat all of them.  How do we get our eating under control?  Keep a food journal. You don’t have to use a fancy app just write everything down you plan to eat before eating.  This will actually help with mindful eating.  You may be a little more reluctant to eat that bag of chips if you have to write it down before.  This will actually help you understand just what types of foods your body is craving.  Are you wanting a lot of sugar/carbs? 

Exercise to me is the easiest part of weight loss.  Although people have this misconception that exercise is what will make them lose weight.  It’s not!!  Your diet is where the biggest weight loss comes from.  The ACSM recommendation for ages 18-65 is to accumulate a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic (cardiorespiratory) exercise at least 5 days a week or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise 3 days per week.  Strength training should be a minimum of 2 days per week, 8-10 exercises hitting all major muscles and 8-12 repetitions.  Are you meeting these requirements?
When losing high amounts of weight, typically the first thing that begins to go is water and muscle mass.  It’s important to begin an exercise program that includes resistance training to minimize the muscle mass lost.  Lean muscle mass helps increase the body’s metabolism and helps with losing weight.  No worries to the women afraid they will look like men.  I resistance train a minimum of 4 days a week.  I left very heavy and I’ve managed to avoid growing an Adams apple or look like the hulk.  LOL

If you are struggling with your weight loss and would like one on one personal coaching let me know.   I would love to help you.  I have a current client I started working with in April; she has lost 22 pounds and 21 inches.  This is over a four month time frame so as you see slow and steady wins the race.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Are The Competition

It’s that time of year again, time to watch the “fittest” on the planet compete for the title of The Fittest Male/Female.   Although I don’t train in a CrossFit facility I still enjoy watching the games. I love to see the sick workouts they are required to do.  I cringe watching the competitors that still need to improve their Olympic lifts and I cheer for the underdogs.  Would I do it?  Maybe if I would have known about it four years ago but not now. 

I love competition but I especially love competing with myself.  I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically.   I know sometimes when I’m really challenging myself I scream out, clap and jump up and down.  My workouts are not for everyone and that is okay.  To me it’s important to continue to challenge my bodies’ energy systems.  I work on my lactate threshold.  I work till I can’t go anymore.  However for my clients I work on their goals and within their scope of needs. I’m training them to be healthy outside of the gym. 

An example of training within their scope; a client this morning told me she gave me props on her Facebook.  She explained she moved 60 bags of mulch after she had moved 120 bags over the weekend.  Mind you she’s probably less than five feet tall, no bigger than a minute but she’s healthy and strong.   Her story is what I love to hear.  I want to know that everyone I train can complete tasks at home without the assistance of someone else.  

When you exercise or do anything for your health it is YOU against YOURSELF.  Don’t worry about others or competing with someone else.  It’s your workout!  Train smart, train hard and most importantly train for life.  If you want to train with me find me on Facebook or DragonDoor

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mental Illness

Today I learned a friend of my daughter lost her brother to suicide.  He was a kid, eighteen years old, suffering inside and unfortunately his story did end.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have dealt with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember.  As a teen I struggled with mental illness but I really didn’t understand that was what was wrong with me until adulthood.  I didn’t understand because at that time mental illness wasn’t discussed as openly as it is today.  I struggled with who I was as a teen.  I abused my body with drugs, alcohol and even dabbled in a bit of bulimia at one time.  I was reckless.  Fortunately for me I survived my teen years and early adulthood.  I still continued reckless behavior but I was surviving. 

Fast forward to my adult life and my depression grew more intense.  Those feelings of hopelessness and helplessness came upon me swiftly.   The darkness covered me and all my thoughts consisted of please let me die.  I thought many times how I was going to end my life.  I lost so many of life’s moments during that time.  I look at old photographs and I can’t remember when they were taken.  My children have memories of events I can’t recall.  Three years of my life is like Swiss cheese, there are just holes where parts of my life is missing. 

When I heard the news today about this poor boy ending his story it brings back those bad times.  Another boy lost to depression, suicide and questions unanswered for a family.  Guilt, frustration, anger, hurt and shear heartbreak for another family.  There are so many kids struggling and hiding behind smiles.  There are even more screaming for help with their actions and words.  Our youth are turning to drugs, alcohol, cutting and suicide.   

I learned about ProjectSemicolon a couple of weeks ago.  If you aren’t familiar with this project please visit their site.  It’s time to raise public awareness regarding addiction, depression, self-hurt and suicide.  Please take the time to talk to someone if you believe they are struggling.  Listen to a person if they begin asking questions about death.  If you see the signs of self-injury don’t stay quiet.   If you feel helpless tell someone.  These struggles are difficult but they can be managed and you are not alone!!!  Does depression and anxiety go away?  I deal with things day by day.  Are there bad days?  Yes! Are there good days?  A lot more once I learned what was happening to me and ways to manage it.  Life is worth living! Your story isn’t over!  

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Register for Small Group Kettlebell Training

Small Group Kettlebell Training Class

When: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
August 3rd - October 3rd

Time: 6-6:45 a.m.

Where: 2717 S. Morgantown Road, Greenwood, IN 46143 (Upstairs East Balcony Gym)

Cost: $149 for three months or $50 a month UNLIMITED CLASSES 

Additional Class Times:  M/W/F 5:15 a.m. - 6:00 a.m.
                                         Tues/Thurs. 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
                                          Saturday 8-9 a.m.

Register HERE

For: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced/ All Ages

*********All members are taught proper technique in order to use kettlebells.********** 

Friday, July 10, 2015

One Size Doesn't Fit All When Training

One Size Doesn't Fit All

It’s important as a trainer to understand that everyone doesn’t have the same goals nor can they perform the same exercises.   I have met many people over the past six years.  I have heard so many different goals over these past six years.  Some of the goals include;
·         Exercising consistently
·         Decreasing cholesterol
·         Losing as little as five pounds or as much as 60
·         Keep up with grandkids
·         Become pregnant
·         Maintain current level of health
·         Complete pull-ups, push-ups or max deadlifts
·         Decrease stress, anxiety or help with depression
·         Improve self-confidence
·         Set a good example for my kids

Fitness isn’t a one size fits all!  I train a small group (15 people max) class because I want to be able to provide one on one training with clients.  I have clients with various abilities.  I have moms who are extremely strong and moms beginning to take care of themselves again.  I have clients with previous injuries and recovering from by-pass surgery.  When I plan a class and post their workout I really emphasis that it is “their workout”.  What does “their workout” mean?  It means that we are working within their abilities.  If they cannot perform a squat we utilize a box with plates (stacked on it) and we work on their hips mobility/flexibility.  If there are existing shoulder injuries use light weight tension bands instead of weight and slowly progress them only when they are able.  Understand that some clients cannot do burpees because they are on medications or have blood pressure issues.  I even had a client with inner ear problems that cannot do up/down motions.  Realize some clients are on beta blockers which affects their heart rate.  You need to know what medications your clients are on!

My goal in training clients is to provide them the opportunity to become healthy within their own individual abilities.  In addition I want to provide exercises that will help my clients perform tasks of daily living.  Aging decreases muscle strength, muscle mass, flexibility and causes balance issues.  It’s important to work on all of these to maintain a good quality of life.  Giving clients a workout just to run them into the ground isn’t a good idea.  This increases the risk of an individual becoming hurt and decreases any chance of getting referrals. 

Be sure to complete a health risk screening on your clients.  This will allow you to properly program their training.  I use kettlebells as a means of resistance and cardiovascular training because they are less damaging to the joints.  Kettlebell training does improve cardiovascular health, muscle endurance, muscle strength and flexibility.  I completed a half-marathon and trained with only kettlebells.  I didn’t spend months running before the race.  I completed the half marathon in 2:04 which is pretty dang good and I ran the entire race. 

If you are looking for a trainer Contact Me.  Register for my 6:00 a.m. M/W/F Small Group Class at the School of Strength located at Center Grove High School, Greenwood, IN. New Classes Begin in August! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Road to Gains

In order to see changes within our body it's important to understand the FITT principle.  If you consistently use the same weight, reps, duration and type of training the body stops responding.  Our bodies becomes accustomed to training as well as diet.  If you eat the same foods over and over then your body will again stop responding.  

What is the FITT principle?  
F= Frequency-  Increase your frequency of training to improve fitness or increase muscle. This means if you currently train three days a week then increase it to four, five or six. Progress using the ten percent rule to reduce injury.

I= Intensity- Increasing the intensity by increasing the load, reps or sets.  

T= Time- Increase the duration of your workout time.  If you currently complete 40 seconds of swings, squats or run for 30 minutes then it's time to increase the time. You can also decrease your rest time.

T= Type- Change up your exercise routine!  Believe me when I say the body becomes bored with the same training.  If you currently do body build try another form of resistance training like Powerlifting! Add some Yoga for body weight exercises or simply do some days of good old calisthenics.  Go back to old school training; pull-ups, squats and deadlifts this hits multi-group muscles. Compound movements are your friend.  

Always remember the ten percent rule when progressing your exercise.  This will help your body avoid potential injuries.  Injuries that often occur due to excessive increase in workload are tendinitis, shoulder impingements, bursitis and stress fractures.  Listen to your body and progress and a manageable rate that the body can handle.  

Also remember to take a rest when your body just don't seem to be performing as well.  Watch for symptoms of overtraining or burnout.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cardio From HELL

Today's cardio was supposed to be a combination of legs/cardio.  What this means is; I was supposed to pull a weighted sled, on a trail for (a) one mile or (b) ten minutes.  Let's just say I got a little overzealous.  I took my kids to a local park that has trails, loaded up my sled with originally 85 pounds and ended up chucking off 25 pounds at about a quarter mile.  Pulling a 85 pound sled across gravel, grass, dirt and concrete for just that quarter mile I thought my legs were going to fall off.  The grass literally makes the sled feel like it's hit quicksand!  Once I took off a twenty-five pound plate, hit the sand I could move a bit faster but reality set in.  There wasn't any way I was going to come close to a one mile pull before ten minutes with 60 pounds My Nike app kept pausing, resuming, pausing and I'm pretty sure I dropped the "F bomb" to many times to count.  When I finished my app didn't even get the entire pull.  My three kids, espesially my sixteen year old cheered me the last quarter mile as I reloaded the twenty-five pound plate and walked backwards up a slight incline to finish off the last quarter mile with 85 pounds. I wouldn't have done it without them! 

Although I didn't make the one mile sled pull like I thought I would; I did get one hell of a cardio/leg workout.  My legs are still screaming!   I will be rethinking my weight until I'm able to master that one mile walk in 10 minutes.  Secondly, I will bring bug spray!! I have mosquito bites all over me.  I learned two valuable lessons; check your ego at the path and never underestimate sled pulls in grass again.  Here is what my app did manage to get.  I'm not going to get discouraged, instead my goal is to hit a half mile using 35 pounds by next week.   Train hard! 

Lifting Heavy and Fueling My Body

I’m working harder in the gym.  Increasing the load volume and increasing my time under tension.  My muscles are sore and I’m focusing on listening to my body and taking much needed rest days.  Fueling my body correctly to avoid overeating as well as illness is important.  I’m making sure I am eating good carbohydrates like oatmeal, oat bran, sweet potatoes and brown rice.    Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates, they are an important energy source for the body.  It is important to understand a healthy balance of carbohydrates, protein and good fats.  Our brains use carbohydrates to function and send messages throughout our body for our systems to work.  Depleting carbohydrates for long periods of time can increase health risks.  During the final stages before a competition carbohydrates will begin being tapered down. This is for the competition and once it’s over carbohydrates are consumed again. Understand sustaining extremely low carbohydrate intake for really long periods of time is not healthy.  Muscle growth requires a greater percentage of carbohydrates than protein. 

Wednesday Workout
Single Leg Deadlift
Set 1/ 12 Rep/ 88 lb.
Set 2/ 12 Rep/ 88 lb.
Set 3/ 8 Rep/ 97 lb.
Set 4/ XX
Double KB Front Squats
Set 1/ 12 Rep/ 77 lb.
Set 2/ 10 Rep/ 79 lb.
Set 3/ 8 Rep /88 lb.
Set 4/ 7 Rep/ 97lb.
Set 1/ 12 Rep
Set 2 / 12 Rep
Set 3/ 12 Rep
Strict Pull-up SS Narrow Grip Ring Rows
Set 1/ 4 Rep SS
12 Rep
Set 2/ 2 Rep SS 10Rep
Set 3/ 6 Rep (Band Assisted) SS 5 Rep
Bicep Curls BB
Set 1/ 12 Rep/ 45 lb.
Set 2/ 10 Rep/ 55 lb.
Set 3/ 9 Rep/ 55 lb.
Tricep Dips Plate Loaded
Set 1/ 12 Rep/ 25 lb.
Set 2/ 8 Rep/ 35 lb.
Set 3/ 10 Rep/ 45 lb.

 Rest time between each set :60 to :90 seconds and :20 seconds between Skater sets.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Journey to Competition

In six years I've managed to set several fitness goals.  Goals I set and achieved include;

  • Losing 60 plus pounds

  • Learning Muay Thai

  • Complete a half marathon (2)

  • Complete a 15K Trail Run

  • Master Pull-ups

  • Become an RKC

My goals for 2015-2016:

1. Graduate January 2016 with my Bachelors in Kinesiology Major Fitness Management and Personal Training and Minor Health Education. Can't wait! Only three more classes remaining plus my internship.

2. Compete in April 2016 in my first Bikini competition.  

It's important to have goals in order to keep you motivated.  Is it necessary for them to be something big?  NO! Goals can be as simple as; I will train four days a week.  This is a simple goal for someone who wants to see more results but only goes to the gym once a week.  Goals are prioritizing something you want and working towards it with a plan.   "I want to go on vacation to Europe."  When do you want to go?  How are you going to pay for it?  Set the plan and put yourself into action to achieve the goal.  

My goals aren't for everyone and that is okay.  Don't discourage anyone if they tell you something they desire to achieve.  If you don't agree with their goal it's okay.  Be there to support them and give them encouraging words.  Listen don't speak.  Sometimes people just need you to listen without giving input.  I am putting my goal out there because if I don't I won't do it.  I will bail out because I am terrified or don't believe I can get myself ready.  

Road to training Workout

Hex Bar Deadlifts     Set 1 195#/12 Rep

            Set 2 - 205#/10 Rep

            Set 3- 21115#/10 Rep

Step-Ups         Set 1 - 88#/ 12 Rep

            Set 2 - 88#/11 Rep

            Set 3- 97#/ 8 Rep

Renegade Rows    Set 1- 35#/ 12 Rep Rt/Lt

            Set 2- 44#/12 Rep

            Set 3- 53#/ 8 Rep

Floor Press        Set 1- 35#/12 Rep Rt/Lt

            Set 2 - 44#/ 8 Rep

            Set 3- 44#/8 L/ 9R Rep

Double Kettlebell Cleans

            Set 1- Dbl 35# / 12 Rep

            Set 2- Dbl 44#/8 Rep

            Set 3- Dbl 53#/6 Rep

Single Kettlebell Press

            Set 1- 35#/12 Rep Rt/Lt

            Set 2- 44# / 8 Rep Rt/Lt

            Set 3 - 44#/ 8 Rep Rt/Lt

Cardio- 53# Kettlebell One Arm Swings 100 Reps in 5:00 minutes

Skill- Turkish Get-up 10 minutes 1 R + 1 L , 5 Sets with 5 second pause each transition

30# Kettlebell

Preworkout- 8 oz coffee

Post Workout- Beverly International Muscle Provider (1 Scoop) 8 oz water

1 Small apple

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coaching Available

Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching

Are you training hard but just don’t see the results you want? Have you tried all those yo-yo diets? Learn why how you eat is more important than your training.  Learn how to make the most of your training.

This 90 Day Challenge will teach you:

·          The psychology behind eating
·          How to effectively eat to get the most from your training
·          Break poor eating habits in a manageable way
·          How to eat for your body type
·          Learn why macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) are important         

How Do I Start?

·          Sign-up Online
·          Initial Weigh & Measure
·          Before Photos
·          Monthly Weigh & Measure
·          Daily Support via private Facebook Group Page 
·          Weekly Goal Setting 
o    Lifestyle Goal
o    Nutrition Goal
o    Fitness Goal
·          $20 for School of Strength Members Includes weigh/measurement appointments at the School of Strength 
·          $50 non School of Strength Members Register HERE
·          Consultations by appointment $20 per half hour
·          Emails consultations are FREE
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stop Violence Against Women

I know this is off topic from many of my posts but I do believe it has a great deal to do with women’s health.  Domestic violence is a serious matter! Interestingly two serious domestic violence stories have come across my news feed in the last two days.    The first story is the case of Christy Mack  23 year old ex-porn star.  Which unbeknownst to me grew up in the small town of Edinburgh where I spent thirteen years of my life.  I don’t know Christy nor even remember her since she’s fifteen years younger.  The other story is a young 19 year old girl viciously gang raped, in broad daylight with hundreds of people watching. This act of violence was even videotaped and nobody stopped it.  It brings me to this question what are women worth to our society?

I ask this question because in the case of Christy Mack, she has received so many hate messages and notes saying she deserved it.  Why? Is it because of her profession?  Does any women, girl or child deserve sexual or physical violence?  As a society we have really lost our humanity.  Christy Mack was allegedly beaten within an inch of her life by former MMA fighter War Machine.  I say allegedly because his trial is in September 2015.  Her injuries included a ruptured liver, broken teeth, and eighteen broken bones.  However because of her profession she is blamed for the beating. 

The young girl raped on spring break in Florida, fortunately doesn't remember the incident but it is on video.  I’m sure during the trial she will eventually have to see the brutal attack that occurred against her.  Two college guys have recently been arrested and several others arrests are expected to occur.   What is concerning to me, as a mother of two girls; why didn’t anyone stop this from occurring.  Where is our humanity?  This girl was brutally raped my multiple people.  The video is long and nobody called the police. 

Domestic violence and sexual assault rates are increasingly high.  These stories are coming across our news in such high rates.  If you witness domestic abuse or sexual assault speak up.  Don’t let things continue to happen and watch.  If you are afraid for your safety, find a safe location and call the police.  Think about your sister, mother, daughter or any other female you know and take action. 

If you are being physically or sexually abused then contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline .  or if you live in Indiana contact the  Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Get involved! Take a stand and stop violence against women and children.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lose 10 Pounds in Seven Days! B.S.

Today as I scrolled through Facebook, I happened to see a story with the headline, “Lose 10 pounds in Seven Days."  First thought, idiotic! If I could have lost 10 pounds in seven days I would have been all over that crap when I was losing weight.   Instead I did it the healthy way; increasing my daily exercise to include cardiovascular training and resistance training as well as cleaning up my diet.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing but that wasn't going to stop me.  

These fad diets are ridiculous!  It is unhealthy to lose that kind of weight in a seven day period, not to mention this diet called for eating grapefruits only.  No thanks! I think I would like to keep my teeth.  Additionally, when you lose that much weight it isn't fat!  Come on do you think you will lose fat that fast??  NO! Instead you lose  water and muscle.  I don't know about you but I'd like to keep my muscle so I am capable of walking, standing from a seated position, eating and playing with my kids.  Muscle mass begins to decrease at the early age of 30.  This is called Sarcopenia, physically inactive people can lose up to 3-5% of muscle mass per decade! Imagine how much more muscle mass is lost when doing these crazy diets on top of avoiding exercise.  Can you stop sarcopenia from occurring? No, but it can be slowed down greatly by adding a resistance training program and doing it for the remainder of your life.    These rapid weight loss promises set people up for eating disorders.  

How to safely lose weight:

  • Think about genetics, instead of comparing your body to ridiculous models or fitness magazines look at your family.  If you have shorter, thicker family members you cannot change genetics.  If you have long, lean family members and you want to put on mass, be realistic about how large you can get.  
  • Eat a well-balanced diet- If you avoid eating foods then you become a fat storing machine.  I'm positive you don't want that and it won't help you achieve your goals.  
  • Consume your Macro-nutrients; Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.  Yes fats!  Good fats; nuts, avocados and natural peanut butters are a few.
  • Caloric Restriction needs to be at a maximum of 1000 k/cal a day but if you train then stick to 500.  We do rigorous training and I couldn't perform if I cut my calories to some unimaginable amount.  
  • Gain muscle by avoiding alcohol, eating lean proteins, consuming good carbohydrates (lots of vegetables) and resistance exercises (6-12 reps at 67-85% 1RM).  This will allow for muscle hypertrophy.  
  • If you want substantial amounts of body mass lost quickly the consequence is substantial amounts of lean muscle lost.  
  • Gradual weight loss allows for maximum fat loss and maintaining lean muscle mass. 
  • Do not cut calories lower than 1800 to 2000 if you train frequently.  
  • Avoid Low Energy Density foods- Like chicken broths, fruits, and don't eat salads every day!
  • Record how you feel before, during and after a meal.  Also journal if you are a binge eater or stress eater.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Beginnings

This week has been a struggle to say the least.  Tonight as I prepare dinner a sense of peace comes over me.  I should be struck by panic but for the first time it's not there.  As I prepare dinner and watch my boys an their dad in the yard I'm happy.  I feel blessed!   This week I found out that I lost a great opportunity for an internship and possibly a job.  I spent two days crying and completely upset.  I cried mainly because I was already stressed about my husband possibly losing his job.   I realized today what I want to do with my life.  I graduate shortly with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, Major in Fitness Management and Personal Training and a Minor in Health Promotion.  What do I want to do when I grow up?? Wellness Coaching!  I love what I currently do with our members at the School of Strength and I think we could grow to so much more and help so many in our community.  Not only do we train our clients, offer community, build friendships but we help them lose weight and reach their goals.  

Today, April Fools Day my husband begins a new journey as he resigned from his position after 8 years with a family owned business.  The terror wasn't there instead peace and relief.  He is taking these last days of our childrens spring break to spend time with the kids.  This is something he hasn't been able to do in a long time.  Am I scared? A little but he's already getting offers so I know this will pass quickly.    

The me before would have grabbed a bottle of wine and maybe a quart of ice cream to drown myself  and feel numb.  Seven years after I said good-bye to that person I refuse to let her creep back into my life.  If you are struggling with life and deal with stress by using food as your drug, I can assure you it gets better but only when you take the first step.  

Enjoy this beautiful day with your family.  Stop, enjoy life and most importantly LIVE!! 

Oh yeah dinner tonight is baked chicken and steak fajitas! Easy breezy clean Figher Diet food!