Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time for New Goals

In all my fitness and nutrition classes one thing that is repeated is without a specific goal it's going to be difficult to achieve anything.  It's true I mean what would you be working towards? It would be like running down the street blindfolded you're probably not going to make it far before hurting yourself or worse being hit.  

How can you change your lifestyle without a goal?  How can you continue being healthy without goals? Yes I reached the healthy life I wanted to achieve and for me it's little things I want to do.  I would like to get over my fear of bicycling and do a triathlon.  I would like to learn and master Olympic Lifts. I would really like to compete in a CrossFit competition.  I like setting new goals but I also understand I need to focus on one at a time. 

This is true when you begin a weight loss journey or try to improve your health.  I have clients that want to eliminate their type 2 diabetes because they know it can be reversed.  What action plans should you take?  Well the hardest part for people to understand is diet and other poor choices like smoking and alcohol can be huge factors.  Only beginning an exercise program isn't going to give you the results you're looking for so you need a plan for eating. 

I hate the word diet! I didn't diet instead I set a goal to eliminate my sweet tea addiction.  I went from two or three a day to one a week and eventually none.  I implemented a no fast food policy which meant fast food would be eliminated to once a week but only specific restaurants.  I added drinking a gallon of water a day and carried a one gallon jug so that I could actually see my results of reaching that goal.  As I got more confident and was able to successfully achieve these goals I began to add more. You don't want to put all these rules and make changing your life miserable because you won't want to continue.  

Once you follow these small but possible goals you will begin to see the difference as well as feel more energy.  Then you will feel like tackling an exercise program or just becoming physically active.  My advice for this is find something you have wanted to do but was too fearful.  Mine was kickboxing, I always wanted to do kickboxing and not the cardio kickboxing class but actual Muay Thai Kickboxing like MMA fighters do. I went and tried it and fell in love.  I learned self-discipline and increased my confidence as well as shedding another 35 pounds! 

Just remember when you're talking to someone that you feel is fit and you think it's absolutely ridiculous they may have more goals or that they still control their eating; understand it's because they want to continue being healthy.  By continuing to eat right and exercise I'm increasing the longevity of my life and the possibility of enjoying and being active with my grandchildren.  Don't dismiss these people.  Also some people require exercise to control anxiety and depression so it may also be their medication.  

Good luck and set short term and specific goals to get started.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Organizing Life to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Summer is almost over and school has begun.  Yuck!  If you’re like me life is back in the fast lane and you’re watching the clock nonstop.  Don’t get me wrong I love getting into a routine again BUT I do get burned out when it comes to homework, bedtimes, and no longer having the freedom to do what we want. 

What do you do to stay organized and try to avoid eating fast food throughout the school year? How do you continue or begin a routine that can help you stay/get into a healthy lifestyle?

 I am a morning person but five years ago I thought it was impossible for me to get up at 4:30 a.m.  Well fast forward and five days a week I’m up at 4:30 a.m. and into the gym by 5:00 a.m. Saturday’s I am up by 5:30a.m.  Now granted three days a week I do teach my own boot camp but the other three days I’m in the gym doing my training.  I can tell you there are a lot of people willing to get up that early and I have several awesome ladies that do for my boot camp.  It took me four months to get into the habit of rising early but what I figured out, I was more productive throughout my day.  I didn’t exercise in the evening because I had mommy guilt if I left my house.  I felt because my kids were at school all day and I was at work that I was taking time from them.  If you don’t have mommy guilt and you’re able to go to the gym in the evening go for it.  I also found in the evening something always came up and I would make an excuse to avoid going to the gym.   

Everyone is different when it comes to their schedule and what works best with their family life.  I know being organized is the KEY to being successful and accomplishing a lot of stuff in one day.  I am a big list maker I have a list for errands I need to run, items I need to purchase, people I need to call or email and items I need to complete at home.  I always carry a small notebook with me so that I can write things down during the day.  I keep a calendar book with me at all times as well as making notes in my phones calendar.  I have four children and if it isn’t written down I’m going to forget.  Another thing I have is a dry erase calendar and pocket folder organizers that hang on the refrigerator I purchased from Target.  I use these for the kids and everyone in the house so they’re aware of upcoming events. 

How do I stay organized enough to avoid fast food, this is very difficult for everyone including me.  I usually write down what my thoughts are on dinners for the week.  I cannot make a strict menu schedule because as every mother knows crap happens.  I do however make sure that whatever the meals are they are simple.  I’m not going to try to make a crazy new recipe during the week especially when I’m hunting kids down to complete their homework.  Save new recipes for the weekend and make friends with your crockpot!   I use a lot of simple recipes I find from Facebook pages that I’ve liked and one of my favorite pages is Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.  Try to keep life simple so you don’t feel like you need to go to the fast food restaurants.  Using the crockpot is a great way to avoid any fuss at night.  I also use simple things like steamer vegetables in the frozen food section and meat or large salads and grilled meat.  Fortunately for me the kids love vegetables and salad and they want simple foods too because they are starving once they return from school.  Just remember less is more when it comes to evening meals.  Always give your kids a large breakfast and send them to school with a healthy snack or when you pick them up provide a snack for the car ride home. 

Organization takes some time to learn but make a mindful choice to begin writing things down and you’ll soon find out how productive you can become. 


Good Luck!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fall Boot Camp Session Begins August 27- Register!

The Fall Boot Camp Session will begin on August 27 and run thru October 19. 

3 Day Session= Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
2 Day Session= Pick which of the days you plan to attend

Time: 5:30-6:30 a.m. Tuesday & Thursday
          6-7 a.m. Saturday

Location: 4148 W. Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, IN

Cost: $160- 3 Days
          $130 -2 Days

Register here on the blog!

Boot Camp consists of barbell workouts, kettlebells, jump ropes, fast paced intense workouts to shred fat and improve your health!  Come join a great group and get encouragement while reaching your fitness and health goals!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Year Older and Wiser

Today I’m another year older.  Do I want to pull the covers over my head? No!  Am I disappointed that I’ve gained another year?  Hell NO! 

I’m not upset about this birthday nor will I be when I turn 40! Why?  Because I’m healthier and happier than I’ve been in my entire life.  I don’t worry about getting older because with each year I feel even better.  I believe this is because I am cautious about how I treat my body and I understand the importance of eating healthy to maintain a healthy life.  Earlier I was in self-destruct mode.  I never cared about what I ate or drank.  I didn’t care about exercising and mentally I was drained. 

It’s true some people get better with age and I feel that as I get older I am getting better.  I mean my mom is in her early 50’s and is getting ready to run a full marathon!  She only started running a little over a year ago.  I think anything is possible.  I watch the CrossFit games and I see the Masters (aka) older competitors and I’m pretty sure some of them could kick my butt!

Don’t get discouraged as you get older.  Instead take control of your life and be open to learning new things.  Take care of your mind and your body because you only have one life.  You don’t get to exchange it and it was a gift given to you. Don’t continue to abuse your body and miss out on so many adventures.  Enjoy your children and playing with them, don’t sit on the sidelines; watching and wishing that you could play with them.  They’re only young for a short time!

I’m looking forward to another year and achieving more goals! 
Birthday WOD 3 Rounds Race

Birthday WOD in Action!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Food: The Instant Pleasure but Horrible Pain

During my pregnancy with my oldest son I was horribly sick after eating dairy.  I had violent stomach pains, nausea and vomiting.  I worked with a lady that used natural remedies and she determined it was the dairy and that HE was intolerant.

When my son was born he did great while I was breastfeeding.  At about three months old I had to supplement feed him because I couldn’t keep up with his feedings.  At birth he weighed 9lbs. 12oz. and by three months he was almost 15 pounds.  Once we began bottle feeding him he made these horrible sounds when he was breathing.  He was treated for bronchitis several times because the doctor believed that’s what he had due to the rumbling sound he made while breathing.  At age six months I decided I couldn’t take anymore sleepless nights because of the fear I had from his labored breaths and we met a pediatrician.  At that time he was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, asthma and a heart murmur.  Once we stopped the dairy based formula feedings and started treatment for asthma he was better.

Fast forward fourteen years later and he’s able to understand how horrible dairy foods make him feel.  Today he told me he’s noticing after he has dairy products like milk, cheese and ice cream he feels miserable.  Since I’ve began following the Paleo eating I have noticed a lot less inflammation in my neck and I’m hoping I can incorporate this eating style in his diet. 

What pains are you willing to accept to eat foods that give you that euphoric feeling?  I’ve decided that no matter how great the pleasure is from a food it’s not worth the pain and discomfort it brings later.  The horrible stomach pains or the painful joints aren’t acceptable to me.  It’s important to listen to your body.  Be mindful when you eat and take note of how you feel before eating.   Write down what you eat and how you feel after you’ve eaten those foods.  Once you do this you may begin to recognize a pattern.  Then you need to determine what you are willing to accept. 

I know when I did my first cleanse and eliminated dairy, breads, and all starches I noticed an extreme change in my stomach.  I no longer had the bloated look and I felt much better.  If you or your children are feeling discomfort after you eat, it’s probably time to reevaluate your diet.  Find what works best for you and your family and take little steps to begin eliminating the things that are harming you.


Good luck!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Are you Determined?

I know from my own experience this is true, “there is no force equal to the strength of a determined woman”.  When I first began my journey to lose weight I was unsure of how I was going to achieve my goal.  One day I was told my goal might be unrealistic and I was possibly setting myself up for failure.  At that very moment I was more determined than ever to continue on and reach my goal.  I succeeded and I surpassed that goal.  Not only did I lose the weight I wanted but I became healthier than I’ve ever been in my life.  Also changing my life has opened doors to many new opportunities for me and I enjoy encouraging others to reach their goals.  I’ve met people who’ve inspired me along the way.  I train with some great coaches and my best friend is a huge fitness junkie like me.   I’ve watched moms just like me that had low confidence and just weren’t sure if they could achieve their goals, dig deep and succeed. 

Starting out I was terrified of the gym.  Now I break PR’s of my own and I train other women to be strong and not intimidated by the barbells and dumbbells.  These ladies embrace their strength and their defined arms, legs and booty’s they’ve achieved.  Focus on you and remember all the skinny, no muscle girls on television on magazines at the checkout aren’t who you want to look like.  Embrace your body and learn to listen to it!

Remember to stay focused and most importantly be determined to reach your goals.  Don’t let others discourage you!  If you fall off the wagon just get back up and keep going!  Find friends with likeminded goals and the best place to do that is a local boot camp or gym.  You never know you might find a mom at the park ready to change her life too. 

No Weights Needed Boot Camp

This morning the girls did a no weight workout.  All you need is a timer and jump rope and even if you don't have one you're okay. 

The Warm Up- complete 4 times as a circuit.
The workout complete the entire list through and repeat.
Beginners: 1 Round
Intermediate: 2 Rounds
Advanced: 3 Rounds

Finisher: Advanced with Kettlebell Knowledge 25# KB or Heavier!
  •  10 Swings/ 3 Plyo Squat Jumps for 5 minutes! (AMRAP, As Many Rounds As Possible)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Paleo Style Breakfast Egg & Bacon Muffins

My kids love breakfast for dinner and it's one of the simplest meals to make.  I'm usually good about throwing things together to make a quick meal so here goes.

  • 12 Whole Eggs & 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 3 mini bella mushrooms washed and chopped
  • 1/2 cup fresh salsa
  • 10 pieces of cooked nitrate free bacon extra crispy and crumbled
  • Grapeseed oil (Sprayed into muffin pan)
Pre-heat oven to 350
Scramble all ingredients together pour 1/2 cup of egg mix into the muffin pan.
Bake until eggs are thoroughly cooked. 

Finding My Way: Primal Eating

I’ve been trying to eat more primal lately and this seems to be a trial and error thing for me.  I started reading the book It Starts with Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig.  I’ve eliminated grains, peanuts, beans and I’m almost off of milk.  I’m weaning myself off of skim milk in my Americanos.

It’s funny the comments I’ve received regarding the Paleo eating habits.  One of my favorite comments so far, “The Caveman didn’t live a very long life”.  Really, was this due to their diet or because of extreme weather conditions, lack of adequate shelter, harsh terrain and accidents, lack of food during animal migration periods or the lack of medical attention? 

Our lifespan is much greater but it comes with a higher price.  Today we are living longer but suffering from major diseases; cancer, obesity, heart disease, Type II Diabetes and much more.  I’m sure that many people who suffer from these various health issues would gladly turn back the clock, change their eating and lifestyle habits in order to avoid suffering such prolonged miserable deaths. 

We really need to look at the evidence; a poor diet in our fast nation has got the best of us.  The United States is the most obese country.  We are beginning to test our children at the early age of 10 for high cholesterol and guess what it’s not only obese children they are finding with high cholesterol.  Wake up every one!

I noticed just within the first week of changing my eating and eliminating grains that my stomach felt so much better and the inflammation in my neck had subsided.  I had a meal just this past week that included bread and I felt horrible.  I had severe stomach pains and my stomach was hard as a brick.  I can assure you it really wasn’t worth all of that pain.  I’m not saying you need to be an extremist but I am saying try to change your eating and eliminate grains and dairy for a week and see how you feel.  Make a note of how you feel if you slip up and have something from these two groups. 

This is a work in progress.   I will get it but I’m being realistic and I know it will take some time to fully change my habits.  I don’t have a problem avoiding processed, zero nutrient foods like sugar pastries or chips.  I’m focusing on eliminating the foods that upset my digestive system or cause inflammation in my joints. 

An example of the inflammation for me is chronic neck pain.  I have arthritis in my neck and the week and a half that I fully eliminated dairy and grains I was pain free.  I had a rough day celebrating my daughter’s graduation and consumed a cheeseburger on a bun and I had beer; now the pain is back. 


If you want to join me in trying to eat more primal I would love your support and feedback about how it’s working for you! Email me at


Best of Luck!


Boot Camp is Still Open!

If you're still interested in coming to our boot camp but because of vacations etc. you haven't been able to make it please contact me at and I will give you the pro-rated price amount. 

The boot camp schedule is Tuesday, Thursday 5:30 a.m.-6:30 a.m. and Saturday 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m.
You can come 2-days a week or 3-days and pricing will be modified based on the days a week you plan to commit to.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Reminder: Boot Camp

Tomorrow is the start of a new boot camp session.  Get registered today and start tomorrow at 5:30 a.m.  Don't wait! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grilled Portabella Mushrooms- Paleo Style

Today is my oldest sons fourteenth birthday and he’s a mushroom lover like his momma.  This morning while he was sleeping I decided to pick up mushrooms and cupcakes (not Paleo).   Portabella mushrooms are very filling and they are a great replacement for hamburgers in the summer.  Grill them and top them with your favorite items.  I threw together this quick lunch with hearty portabella mushrooms in about 15 minutes.



2 Portabella Mushrooms (Stems cut and insides saved)

¼ cup yellow onions

¼ tsp. garlic

2 Tbsp. Hunts No Salt Diced Tomatoes (drained)

1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

1 Tsp. Grape seed oil

Crushed Red Chili Pepper Flakes

Mrs. Dash Italian Medley

I used our George Foreman grill to make these mushrooms.


Wash mushrooms, cut stems, scrape insides of mushroom and save in a separate dish.  Heat skillet on medium and add 1 Tbsp. of Coconut Oil.  Mix chopped onions, seasonings, garlic, onions, and tomatoes, sauté all until onions are soft.  Use 1 tsp. Grape seed oil with more seasoning and brush both sides with the oil/seasoning mix.  Grill about 3-4 minutes or until tender.  Top the Portabella mushroom with the sautéed mix and serve. 

Time to prepare and Grill: Approx. 15 minutes



Getting Started While Being Resonable

Do you have to come from an athletic family or be a former athlete to be fit? The answer is absolutely NOT. 


Iceland Annie
Whether it’s been many years, never or your family is athletic it doesn’t matter because inside of you is an athlete.   Its determination, drive, fire, skill and heart that will help you accomplish your goal.   The problem is people set their expectations too high in the beginning and then feel like a failure when they can’t stand up to them.  Instead of working like you’ve been doing it for years start out at your own reasonable pace.  Modify exercises that you can’t do and if you are working against a clock so what if you can’t finish the entire round.  It’s more important to try to do a little than to do nothing at all.

Rich Froning Jr.
 The athlete inside of you will come out but it takes time.  We aren’t all Rich Froning Jr. (2x CrossFit Games Champion) or Annie Thorisdottir (CrossFit Winner).  These two athletes make training their life and that’s not what you’re trying to accomplish.  Instead focus on getting your daily exercise and eating a balanced diet with many fruits, vegetables and lean meats.  Those two things are what will keep your muscles working and your body healthy.  

Also you don’t have to go to a gym to get a great workout.  I know many people that set up small gyms in their garage or a small space in their house.  There are many workouts that can be accomplished without equipment or even a minimal amount of equipment.  One kettlebell can be used for many exercises.  The investment may be $25-$30 until you need a higher weight.  A simple jump rope costs $6 and you don’t have to purchase a jump rope you can always fake it.  Now that Pinterest is available online you can get a multitude of body weight exercises.  Smart phones have apps available for timers and now you have your own at home gym. 


Here are a few things to get you started:

  1. Mark your calendar for exercise days
  2. Write down everything you eat
  3. Look for body weight exercises online at places like Pinterest
  4. Set your goals- Daily, Weekly, Monthly (Without goals you’re less likely to succeed)
  5. Remember this is YOUR JOURNEY!

Be the athlete you wanted to be!


Good luck!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The 300 One of My Favorite Workouts

Vacation Kettlebell Workout

This workout is 300 Total Reps in 10 minutes time!

Women 26# kettlebell for less than 129 Pounds of body weight or 35# for 130 and up
Men 53# kettlebell Minimum

If you have mastered the kettlebell this is a great workout for you.  The goal is to see how fast you can complete the workout in 10 minutes. 

  • Push-ups: 25
  • 1-Arm Swings: 25R + 25L
  • Alternating Leg Raises: 25
  • Press: 25R +25L
  • Burpees: 25
  • Clean: 25R + 25L
  • Mountain Climbers: 25
  • Snatch: 25R + 25L

If you finish with a lot of time increase your weight the next time you try to complete this workout. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Progress Takes Time

I’ve come a long way since I began my journey and along the way I made sure I documented my progress.  I’m like every other woman out there and I’m extremely critical of myself.  It’s very difficult to avoid comparing yourself with others.  Often we get so hooked on a body that we want we can’t acknowledge the changes occurring within our own bodies. 

How many times have you stood in front of the mirror blowing your stomach out and OVER EXAGGERATING how you look?  I know this often occurs during bathing suit shopping!  Also how many times have you picked up a magazine and said I want to look like her.  The problem is we are ALL built differently.  One person may have an athletic build or another tall lean and couldn’t gain more muscle mass if they wanted to.  It’s important to stop comparing yourself to others around you because they aren’t you!  This isn’t a competition and your only focus should be you! 
Me June 2008 (BEFORE)


Keeping a photo journal of your progress is very important because once you see in black and white the comparison you’ll be amazed! I know a lot of people who hate to take pictures.  Why?  Is it because the pictures will tell you the truth?  When you lie to yourself and pretend you’re eating okay or you’re exercising really hard.  Are you really?  Are your pictures showing your progress, if not it’s time to reevaluate your goals.

If you’re seeing changes good for you!  Pay attention to the changes occurring and give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work!  Remember you didn’t become overweight overnight and progress takes time!  Focus on the journey and don’t miss any of it because people will ask you how you did it. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daily Rambling of A Fitness Mom

Good Morning! 

Today I started out with our boot camp class and if you are familiar with kettlebells then todays workout will be a good one for you.  If you’re unfamiliar with kettlebells you can perform the thrusters with dumbbells and complete the 24 portion of the workout. 

I’m still working on The Eat Clean Diet eating and Paleo.  If you are not familiar with The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno please check it out.  This is not a diet it’s a lifestyle of eating clean minus the chemically induced foods our current society eats.  I’ve been stricter with my eating and eliminating restaurant eating has helped.  I’ve also cut back on oatmeal and eliminated bread. Although I do love oatmeal and bread is okay but they make me look bloated.   I’m also avoiding fruit after lunch and I’m being very strict about my fish oil.  Try not to forget food timing and drinking plenty of water.  Many times overeating is caused by dehydration or long periods of time between each meal.  If you’re a grazer while making dinner or you find yourself starving then you are not eating during the day or your meals are too far apart.  I learned food timing by setting an alarm on my phone for every three hours from the last time I sat down to eat.  I conditioned my mind and now I don’t need the alarm.  This is much like our kids; once they are out of school in the summer they are still hungry around the same time as their school lunch period. 

Dinner last night the kids wanted bratwurst and I was craving hamburgers.  Everyone got what they wanted. 

·         Lean Hamburgers 96/4

·         Chili Pepper Flakes

·         Mrs. Dash Italian Seasoning (No Salt)

·         Sliced Avocado

·         Sliced Onions

·         Sliced Roma Tomatoes

·         No Condiments (Paleo)

·         Corn – Kids

·         Asparagus- Mom 

Yummy Burgers


I really love the summer because making food on the grill is very quick and it keeps the kitchen from getting messy.  Less is more! This is especially helpful for busy moms. 


If you have topics you would like discuss let me know!





Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eating for You

During the spring semester of school I found myself overwhelmed by my Anatomy/Physiology class.  If you're a student or a mother and a student I'm sure you can relate.  My meals and planning was less than great.  I realized I wasn’t being consistent with my vitamins and I wasn’t being consistent with my meal planning.  Now that school is out I’m focusing on being prepared for  Fall semester and organizing myself, because 16 credit hours may be the death of me.  Especially advanced physiology!

I started rereading my The Eat Clean Diet books and now I’m working on some Paleo eating as well.  I’m not planning on going crazy with Paleo but I do plan to stick with vegetables and lean meats and avoid the chemical shit storm foods.  I’m not a huge carnivore; I don’t like bacon that well and with high cholesterol in my family it’s really important for me to watch the fats.  I’ve tried a few simple meals and I’m finding that less is more.  What do I mean? Keep the ingredients at a minimal.  At breakfast I baked a very small sweet potato and mashed it, added 4 egg whites scrambled with spinach leafs wilted in grape seed oil.  (Grape seed oil, Paleo recommended) I did add some seasonings; red chili pepper flakes and onion powder.  Dinner was another easy meal and my kids love Sobu noodles (wheat noodles) so I made them separately.  I made stir-fry with chicken, bok choy, spinach, yellow onion, asparagus, squash, ginger and red chili pepper seasoning.  Since soy sauce is off the Paleo menu I skipped that and let my kids add it later.  I did pretty well. 
Breakfast, Eggs & Sweet Potato Scramble
Chicken Stir-Fry

Don’t get me wrong I’m still working on getting 100% back on track and I did have two beers which of course aren’t on either eating plan! But I was cheering for our Pacers so I will say I had a 95% day!  Don’t get discouraged when you start your journey and you have a slip up.  It’s not the end of the world and don’t throw everything out the window because you make one bad choice.  Write you’re your meals or take photos and keep going.  If you document what you’re eating you will be more aware and have a better success rate. 

Keep it up and keep going!  It’s your journey and nobody else can stop you!




Monday, June 3, 2013

Register for Summer Boot Camp Now

Registration is open now and ALL participants must pre-register before boot camp begins.  I need a head count and payments can be made here on the website through PayPal.  If you prefer not to use PayPal please contact me via email or cell to make arrangements.  If you are a current boot camp participant you can pay during your boot camp session.  Also if you are new and haven't attended a boot camp you may do (2) drop in classes during our current session.  The cost is $6.00 each class.  Our current boot camp runs until Thursday, June 13.  (Class Date: June 4,6,8,11, & 13) I will be on vacation from June 14-June 23 and we will begin June 25! 
Please contact me with any additional questions.  Thanks and have a great week!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Train Like An Athlete for the Body You Deserve

I’ve been slacking on the blog only because this past semester was murder.  It’s summer break and I’ve been hitting the gym extra hard.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday’s my friend and I attend a Kettlebell Boot Camp at 5:15 a.m. until 7.  Yes we are crazy!  I love it because it’s not only kettlebells but we’re learning Olympic lifting like the CrossFit community.  On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I’m still running my boot camp sessions. 

My ladies at my Skinny Mom Boot Camp are incredible.  We do a lot of high intensity training and strength using kettlebells, barbells and other weights and the physical changes that have taken place are incredible.  I love seeing them get stronger and have so much more confidence in what they can accomplish.  They thrive on new workouts and more intensity.  We make workouts competitive and they cheer each other on during the workouts. 

Over the winter I’ve increased my weights lifting and I’ve begun challenging myself even more and the results have been incredible.  I love seeing the changes taking place while lifting and for a while I had slimmed down too much because of the amount of running I was doing.  Now that I’ve stopped running and started focusing on more intense training with the kettlebells and Olympic lifts I can see big changes. 

Don’t be afraid to lift weights because the results you will receive are incredible and you will forget all about the scale.  In the year I’ve been doing this time of training I have gained over 10 pounds of mass and increased my booty/hips size about 5 inches.  I needed it!  Nothing worse than no butt!  Train like an athlete and you will see serious changes and feel incredible. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Breakfast for Dinner Anyone?

As a busy mom sometimes planning meals takes the backseat.  As parents we all know the day can start out smooth and one phone call can make all hell break lose.  Today was my day, I had everything planned I was going to do but instead I spent a lot of time calling insurance companies and making unexpected emergency dental appointments.

I don’t know about you but I think breakfast is one of the easiest meals to prepare.  Tonight I decided to grab some fresh vegetables and salsa and make breakfast.  I armed myself with; spicy turkey sausage, green peppers, green onions, jalapeno, salsa, mushrooms, and yellow potatoes.  I knew I already had a container of liquid egg whites at home.  My plan was make a breakfast casserole large enough for dinner tonight and enough for breakfast tomorrow.  It worked out great! 


This breakfast casserole is easy to make too!

·         1 tsp. Olive oil to brush the bottom of a baking dish

·         2 cups of liquid egg whites & 4 whole eggs (whisked together)

·         Dash of Pepper and Cumin

·         Ground spicy turkey sausage – 1 package

·         Green peppers ½ cup

·         Jalapeno- seeded and diced

·         Green Onions- chopped

·         ½ cup mushrooms chopped

·         2 Tbsp. Fresh salsa

·         Yellow Potatoes (steam bag located in produce)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and brown the turkey sausage while oven pre-heats.  Once the turkey is cooked through add it to the bottom of the baking dish.  Pour eggs over the sausage and add all vegetables (besides the potatoes) to the top of the eggs.  Bake the casserole for 35-40 minutes or until the eggs are cooked through. 

Steam the Yellow Potatoes for 9 minutes or until soft in the microwave. 

Quick and easy breakfast casseroles can be made with any vegetables you love!  Very little prep time, it was finished before my children completed their homework.