Saturday, February 14, 2015

30 Day Results

What happens when I get a group of our members together for a 90 Day Challenge? Well they kick ass and put up some awesome numbers.  Each year we start a 90 Day Challenge that focuses on teaching members how to eat while training.  Teaching them how important it is to fuel the body but avoid overindulging.  Our focus is on losing inches and not weight.  I do this because I don’t want scale obsessed people freaking out because they aren’t putting up big numbers like the Biggest Loser.  It’s unhealthy to focus on the scale. 

What is the focus for our group?  GOALS!  If goals aren’t set then what are you working towards?  Is it easier to focus on daily goals and weekly goals verses losing 50 pounds?  If I had to stare down a number like 50 I would panic.  It’s overwhelming when I see something so large and I immediately start making excuses.   What happens when you focus on a goal that’s manageable? What do I mean by manageable? If I eat out five to six meals a week then my goal would be to cut back to two to three times and eventually to zero.  It’s something simple and achievable.  Including five servings of vegetables a day is attainable if you’re someone that doesn’t currently eat vegetables.  As these little goals are achieved the BIG goal gets closer. 

Training is important but learning how to be disciplined and eat for fuel is more important.  Too often food is used as rewards or therapy.  We lost track of what food is really about and that’s to nourish our body and keep us strong and healthy.  Our food today is doing the opposite, it fills a void in our heart and but it’s making us sick.  How do we changes this and become healthy again?  Keep it simple and focus on goals!  These goals are going to add up and the change will be incredible. 
In 30 days our group has put up some awesome numbers! 

Total: 61.37" 

Total: 27.6 pounds 

As you can see there are many people putting up inches lost and not a lot of weight.  The plan works! If you’re struggling then join us and make changes.