Monday, December 29, 2014

A Reminder

 What do you see?  My husband sees a pair of pants he wants to throw away every time he does laundry.

These pants aren’t just a pair of worn out Nike pants.  These pants are a reminder of who I use to be.  My husband has tried to get me to throw them away for four years.  They are held together only by the seams on each side of the waistband. They are worn so thin I can see my skin through them.  The ends are frayed and there is a tiny hole in the back.  I’ve searched many times for a pair of Nike pants just like them but since they are eleven years old I don’t believe I will find it.  I’m okay with that because honestly I need them. 

These pants are a reminder of the beginning of my journey.  They were one of the first pairs of sweat pants I bought when I started my journey.  They were with me during those miserable first months of training when I believed my body was going to give out.  During those first initial weigh-ins when the scale didn't move and the tears just flowed they were there.   When I wear them and they fall to my hips and hang they remind me again how far I've come. 

These pants are a reminder of the days in my living room when I had to stop every few minutes during my video.  They remind me of the fears I had when I started Muay Thai.  They are a reminder of the first time I heard someone say, “We are just doing six miles”.  They remind me of the first day of running to prepare for the Mini Marathon and the two half marathons I’ve completed.  They are a reminder of running my first Spartan race and climbing a rope and conquering my fear of heights.  They remind of the training when I felt my lungs were on fire.  When I thought my muscles didn't have another pull or push left in them.   They are a reminder of the countless days of weighing food and avoiding restaurants.   All the birthday parties and special occasions when everyone encouraged me to just have one piece of cake or one cookie.  Never mind that I was fighting my desire to binge eat and that voice telling me it’s too hard and give up!  These pants are a reminder of goals I achieved over the past five years.  They are a reminder of the wonderful people I met along the way and many people I’ve watched change their lives.  They are a reminder of the wonderful coaches and role models I have had the pleasure of training with and learning from. 

The first day I got these pants I never would have imagined they would be with me this long!   Still today they are seeing me through; I have many more journeys ahead and so many more goals to accomplish.  I will continue holding on to these awesome pants with great memories and more goals!
Starting a journey can be scary but living a life with regret is even scarier.  Get started and make memories!  Enjoy the journey!  Savor the moments!  Don’t wait until it’s too late and you are forced to make changes. Never make excuses! #Strongmoms

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Swings, Cleans and Life

It is absolutely astounding to me that today is December 3.  Where did this year go?  Another semester of school is coming to a close and I am still hanging by the seat of my pants.  Trying to maintain my training schedule four days a week while running small group training.  A million times I am asked, how do you keep up?  Some days I’m working on fumes!  There are late nights due to projects and of course early mornings.  Raising three kids and running what seems like an animal shelter gets overwhelming. 

Thankfully I have managed to survive two holidays and I’m focusing on Christmas and New Year’s.  I have learned not to sweat it! It's okay to have sweets as long as I use self-control.  Enjoy the time with your family and just be aware of the food you eat.  Remember before any holiday event try to eat mindfully throughout the day leading up to the event.  Avoid going to a party on an empty stomach and note that consuming too much alcohol can cause overeating. 

Most importantly during the holiday season keep training!   The worst thing you can do is skip the gym.  Mark a time on your calendar specifically for exercise.  The holidays add stress for many people because of the added extra expense of gifts and food.  Beat the holiday blues with a great workout!  Exercise is one of the greatest natural stress relievers.  I’m positive, if I didn't train I would be a miserable person.  If you're familiar with my blog you know, I have battled depression a great portion of my life and exercise has helped me control my feelings, thoughts and anxiety. 

Plan ahead for the New Year!  Are you thinking about joining a gym? Are you thinking about signing up for a race event?  Mud Run? Spartan? This is a great time of year to put your money where your mouth is and register.  There are many great deals to register for events or gym memberships.  Some places even offer weight loss challenges to help you achieve your fitness goals and weight loss goals. 
If you are thinking about starting a new fitness journey I would love to help! I offer small group Kettlebell training.  Our members will also have the opportunity to complete a 90 Day Challenge  to lose inches and most likely weight.  This is a community of moms, dads, professionals and everyday people, encouraging others while achieving their health goals.  Don’t let life get in the way of your health.  We only have one life to live! If you wish to register for Small Group Training with Jennifer Sherlock, RKC click the link!