Monday, June 29, 2015

Journey to Competition

In six years I've managed to set several fitness goals.  Goals I set and achieved include;

  • Losing 60 plus pounds

  • Learning Muay Thai

  • Complete a half marathon (2)

  • Complete a 15K Trail Run

  • Master Pull-ups

  • Become an RKC

My goals for 2015-2016:

1. Graduate January 2016 with my Bachelors in Kinesiology Major Fitness Management and Personal Training and Minor Health Education. Can't wait! Only three more classes remaining plus my internship.

2. Compete in April 2016 in my first Bikini competition.  

It's important to have goals in order to keep you motivated.  Is it necessary for them to be something big?  NO! Goals can be as simple as; I will train four days a week.  This is a simple goal for someone who wants to see more results but only goes to the gym once a week.  Goals are prioritizing something you want and working towards it with a plan.   "I want to go on vacation to Europe."  When do you want to go?  How are you going to pay for it?  Set the plan and put yourself into action to achieve the goal.  

My goals aren't for everyone and that is okay.  Don't discourage anyone if they tell you something they desire to achieve.  If you don't agree with their goal it's okay.  Be there to support them and give them encouraging words.  Listen don't speak.  Sometimes people just need you to listen without giving input.  I am putting my goal out there because if I don't I won't do it.  I will bail out because I am terrified or don't believe I can get myself ready.  

Road to training Workout

Hex Bar Deadlifts     Set 1 195#/12 Rep

            Set 2 - 205#/10 Rep

            Set 3- 21115#/10 Rep

Step-Ups         Set 1 - 88#/ 12 Rep

            Set 2 - 88#/11 Rep

            Set 3- 97#/ 8 Rep

Renegade Rows    Set 1- 35#/ 12 Rep Rt/Lt

            Set 2- 44#/12 Rep

            Set 3- 53#/ 8 Rep

Floor Press        Set 1- 35#/12 Rep Rt/Lt

            Set 2 - 44#/ 8 Rep

            Set 3- 44#/8 L/ 9R Rep

Double Kettlebell Cleans

            Set 1- Dbl 35# / 12 Rep

            Set 2- Dbl 44#/8 Rep

            Set 3- Dbl 53#/6 Rep

Single Kettlebell Press

            Set 1- 35#/12 Rep Rt/Lt

            Set 2- 44# / 8 Rep Rt/Lt

            Set 3 - 44#/ 8 Rep Rt/Lt

Cardio- 53# Kettlebell One Arm Swings 100 Reps in 5:00 minutes

Skill- Turkish Get-up 10 minutes 1 R + 1 L , 5 Sets with 5 second pause each transition

30# Kettlebell

Preworkout- 8 oz coffee

Post Workout- Beverly International Muscle Provider (1 Scoop) 8 oz water

1 Small apple