Saturday, March 28, 2015

Start Your Journey

Since 2009 I have met so many fitness minded people.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet fitness greats like; Lou Ferrigno, Amanda Latona and Tosca Reno.  I have trained with incredible coaches. I made lasting friendships with new likeminded friends.  I’ve been blessed to go to school to receive a degree in exercise science.  I get to do what I love! 

I met a woman yesterday, she asked me about kettlebell training.  She knows I’m an RKC and that I coach at the School of Strength .  This woman isn’t in the best shape and wants to lose about forty pounds.  Her fear about trying our program is she is too deconditioned and will fail.  All too often people don’t begin an exercise program for this reason.  It’s hard to be vulnerable, scared and intimidated by everyone and everything.  This stops so many people from joining a gym or a fitness class.  We as society are critical of ourselves and this leads us to believe everyone else is criticizing us too. 

Our program is community based.  We have people of every fitness level and it’s great!  Our focus is to provide a healthy, safe, fun and non-intimidating program for all ages and physical abilities.  Our members are friendly and have built great friendships along their journey to good health.  This morning in class one of our coaches asked a member how old she is, she said 59.  How awesome is that???? We have members that through our program and coaching have lost over 80 pounds.  How do they do it? They lose weight because they love what we do and it keeps them engaged.  They love it so much they hate to miss a class.  Next week is our “off week” until our new session and our members hate it.  They want to continue with their training.  It’s important when trying to make a lifestyle change to find something you love to do.  It doesn’t have to be kettlebell training.  It could be body building, CrossFit, Zumba, spinning, Group Fitness Classes or swimming.  Once the passion is found the changes will begin. 

The best part about our program is we offer weight loss coaching.  Our program provides accountability and tools to help our members successfully lose weight while training.  This is important because the way we eat dictates how we feel and how we perform during training.  If bad eating habits are continued even with exercise your body won’t change.  The rule 80% diet and 20% training is important.  What you eat shows in your appearance, energy and exercise performance. 

Our new program begins April 6 –May 30, 2015 and the cost is $99 unlimited classes.  Come try it for yourself.  We would love to see you!  REGISTER NOW!
Kim- member since June 2015 Lost 80+ pounds

Mika- Momma of 5! 

Saturday training