Friday, September 30, 2011

Working Out with a Partner

Does having a workout partner help?  


Working with a partner is a great way to keep you motivated.  Having a partner and knowing you are meeting them on a specific day at a certain time is like having an appointment to go to the doctor.  What better way to hold you accountable?  Bailing out on your friend isn't nice.  Even if you don't have a workout partner going to a class is another way to keep you motivated.  


I have a friend that I meet each week Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.  Our weekly workouts consist of strength training and cardio.  What I have found working with a partner is when I don't feel like getting up I know that my friend counts on me to be there to help motivate her.  Once I get to the gym and we begin working out we have fun, push each other and sometimes get a little competitive.  Exercising doesn't have to be boring and you don't have to hate it.  Going to a gym, jumping on a treadmill and watching T.V. is not my idea of an exciting workout and most importantly it's not going to keep me motivated and coming back for more.  


Variety is the Spice of Life


I always tell me kickboxing class I have exercise ADD.  I never do the same workout twice and I keep my class guessing every week what we will do next.  I have regulars in my class, of course they drag in one of their friends kicking and screaming but once the class is over their friend is hooked.  Exercising should be fun!  You shouldn't dread getting up and going to work out.   Having a partner helps avoid getting into a rut and quitting.   Two heads are better than one.  Why?  When you have a partner set a challenge to see who can find the best workouts.  Check out Muscle Fitness & hers magazine, Oxygen magazine, Women's Health and Fitness Rx.  All of these magazines post a monthly workout programs.  Stick to the workout for one month and see which one of your workouts kicked your bootie the most. 


What's the main reasons working with a partner is beneficial?


  • More motivating
  • Workouts are more fun
  • You will always have a spotter
  • You will work out harder
  • Inspiration    

No Gym No Problem


If you don't workout at a gym that's okay too; switch between houses, pop in a DVD or Exercise on Demand, and let the kids have a play date while you exercise. We all know that when moms try to do anything for themselves that's when our kids need us the most.  Well if you both have children all the more reason to schedule a play date.  Make a schedule, Monday you go to your friends and Wednesday she comes to you.  This not only helps you but the kids will enjoy the routine too.  I see so many moms at Chick-Fila with their kids; the children are playing on the playground while the moms are eating French fries, breaded chicken and drinking their large sweet teas.  This is discouraging to me because they could be doing something so much more beneficial for themselves as well as their children yet still have that social interaction with each other.  Next time your friend invites you to lunch instead go to a Zumba class.  There are some Zumba classes offered for mom and children.  Hit the park!  I have an entire park workout, no equipment necessary instead you use the playground equipment.  Don't worry about what the other moms think, just remember that you are getting healthy and setting good examples for your kids.  Who knows you may just inspire some of the other playground moms too.  









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