Friday, May 31, 2013

Train Like An Athlete for the Body You Deserve

I’ve been slacking on the blog only because this past semester was murder.  It’s summer break and I’ve been hitting the gym extra hard.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday’s my friend and I attend a Kettlebell Boot Camp at 5:15 a.m. until 7.  Yes we are crazy!  I love it because it’s not only kettlebells but we’re learning Olympic lifting like the CrossFit community.  On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I’m still running my boot camp sessions. 

My ladies at my Skinny Mom Boot Camp are incredible.  We do a lot of high intensity training and strength using kettlebells, barbells and other weights and the physical changes that have taken place are incredible.  I love seeing them get stronger and have so much more confidence in what they can accomplish.  They thrive on new workouts and more intensity.  We make workouts competitive and they cheer each other on during the workouts. 

Over the winter I’ve increased my weights lifting and I’ve begun challenging myself even more and the results have been incredible.  I love seeing the changes taking place while lifting and for a while I had slimmed down too much because of the amount of running I was doing.  Now that I’ve stopped running and started focusing on more intense training with the kettlebells and Olympic lifts I can see big changes. 

Don’t be afraid to lift weights because the results you will receive are incredible and you will forget all about the scale.  In the year I’ve been doing this time of training I have gained over 10 pounds of mass and increased my booty/hips size about 5 inches.  I needed it!  Nothing worse than no butt!  Train like an athlete and you will see serious changes and feel incredible. 

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