Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time for New Goals

In all my fitness and nutrition classes one thing that is repeated is without a specific goal it's going to be difficult to achieve anything.  It's true I mean what would you be working towards? It would be like running down the street blindfolded you're probably not going to make it far before hurting yourself or worse being hit.  

How can you change your lifestyle without a goal?  How can you continue being healthy without goals? Yes I reached the healthy life I wanted to achieve and for me it's little things I want to do.  I would like to get over my fear of bicycling and do a triathlon.  I would like to learn and master Olympic Lifts. I would really like to compete in a CrossFit competition.  I like setting new goals but I also understand I need to focus on one at a time. 

This is true when you begin a weight loss journey or try to improve your health.  I have clients that want to eliminate their type 2 diabetes because they know it can be reversed.  What action plans should you take?  Well the hardest part for people to understand is diet and other poor choices like smoking and alcohol can be huge factors.  Only beginning an exercise program isn't going to give you the results you're looking for so you need a plan for eating. 

I hate the word diet! I didn't diet instead I set a goal to eliminate my sweet tea addiction.  I went from two or three a day to one a week and eventually none.  I implemented a no fast food policy which meant fast food would be eliminated to once a week but only specific restaurants.  I added drinking a gallon of water a day and carried a one gallon jug so that I could actually see my results of reaching that goal.  As I got more confident and was able to successfully achieve these goals I began to add more. You don't want to put all these rules and make changing your life miserable because you won't want to continue.  

Once you follow these small but possible goals you will begin to see the difference as well as feel more energy.  Then you will feel like tackling an exercise program or just becoming physically active.  My advice for this is find something you have wanted to do but was too fearful.  Mine was kickboxing, I always wanted to do kickboxing and not the cardio kickboxing class but actual Muay Thai Kickboxing like MMA fighters do. I went and tried it and fell in love.  I learned self-discipline and increased my confidence as well as shedding another 35 pounds! 

Just remember when you're talking to someone that you feel is fit and you think it's absolutely ridiculous they may have more goals or that they still control their eating; understand it's because they want to continue being healthy.  By continuing to eat right and exercise I'm increasing the longevity of my life and the possibility of enjoying and being active with my grandchildren.  Don't dismiss these people.  Also some people require exercise to control anxiety and depression so it may also be their medication.  

Good luck and set short term and specific goals to get started.  

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