Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year and A New You

It’s the start of a new year and new you!  Tomorrow morning a fresh new group will begin their journey to improving their health.  Inevitably some will succeed and some will quit far too soon.  Why do people register and pay only to walk away so quickly?  Mainly because they want to see instant results, those of us who walked along this path know that isn’t possible.  What helps people stay? Community! We focus on developing a community in our facility, fostering relationships as well as training our clients.  Our members become fast friends.  These members check on their fellow friends if they missed a workout.  People need to feel a connection to avoid feeling so nervous and alone. 

When trying something new it can be scary.  It feels worse when you feel alone, lost and have so much doubt.  I started training in our gym almost four years ago.  Four years??? Who keeps a membership at a gym for four years and consistently goes? Nobody does that unless they feel like they truly belong and they are seeing results.  We have members who’s been there as long as I and many have gone on to become coaches!  I trained for three years before I decided to become a Russian Kettlebell Coach.  I wanted to make sure I mastered the kettlebell before becoming certified. 
If you want to start your weight loss or fitness journey I would recommend joining us.  In 2014, I watched three women transform and lose over 50 pounds each in a year!  Those numbers don’t happen unless you are really invested in change.  These women found friendships and they refuse to miss a workout.  If we have an off week they freak out! I’m telling you if you want change don’t waste your time any other place!  I recommend you join us!  It’s $149 for three months of training and this includes unlimited class access. Register here at the  School of Strength.  Classes begin tomorrow! 
A few School of Strength Members

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