Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Excuses Or Simply not Ready for Change

Excuse or Something Else? 
Everyone knows that person who always has an excuse for everything.  You might be the person giving an excuse.  I use to get so frustrated with people that complained and complained about how they were so miserable with their health, weight or appearance but they never do anything to help themselves. I’ve come to realize it’s not the excuse holding them back.  Instead they just aren’t ready.  Sadly some people never become ready to make changes.  Instead this person will live a long life of illness, metabolic diseases and suffer with ailments until the end. 

What makes a person ready to make a change?  There is a theory called the Transtherotical Model (Stages of Change).  Everyone uses it at some point in their life but might not be aware.  What is the Transtheortical Model?  It’s the processes we go through to begin making behavioral changes.  Behavioral changes like smoking cessation, starting an exercise program or eating healthy.  There are more behavior changes but these are a few. 

There are six stages of the Transtherotical Model:

1.       Precontemplation (Not Ready)- People in this stage don’t have any intention to make changes now or in the future.  Reasons may be because they simply don’t know they need a change.  The person  might have tried many times before, failed and are afraid to fail again.   

2.       Contemplation (Getting Ready) – These are people who intend to make a change within the next six months.  They are aware of the pros and cons of making a change but they are motivated.  Sometimes people become stuck in this stage due to fear, lack of support or money. 

3.       Preparation (Ready)- This stage is typically when changes will occur within the next month.  Actions have been taken to begin, they joined a gym, purchased a self-help book, or find a wellness coach or a trainer. 

4.       Action- These are the people that are working on their goals.  They are going to the gym or exercising at home.  They have begun a smoking cessation program.  They are working with a coach to help them lose weight or make positive health changes.  This is about a six month stage to really know it’s going to stick.  

5.       Maintenance stage-  It's been six months or more and still going strong with their behavioral changes.  The change is now a positive habit and they have more confidence (self-efficacy) in themselves and believe they won’t go back to the negative habits. 

6.       Termination Stage-  YES CHANGED FOR GOOD!!!!  This is the stage where people can fight past depression, anxiety, boredom, lonely and anxiousness without relapsing back to bad behaviors.  They now have alternative methods to cope with these issues. 

Where are you or someone you know in the Transtheoritical Model?  Don’t get annoyed with the excuses because it may not be their/your time.   Be positive with people that aren’t ready for change.  One day it might happen and then again it might not.  However, you cannot push them into something they just aren’t ready to do.  I cannot drag clients across the finish line and I’ve learned that over the years.  They may regress and it’s not my fault.  Learn to let it go and understand they might come back one day. 

I encourage you to think about a behavior you want to change and what stage you might currently be in the Stages of Change.  

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