Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Scared ME!
Fear: Apprehension or dread of something that will or may happen in the future.

When I started my journey I was scared to death of failing. I was fearful of going to a public place to exercise and mostly I was fearful about the possibility that exercising and eating healthy might not change my mental state. I learned that courage crushes fear! While I was at home working out with Jillian Michaels on my big screen T.V., little did I know I was gaining courage and confidence day by day. I also learned that fear is only a feeling that comes to me but I make a choice to be strong and overcome my fears. I also have learned that fear leads to disastrous results. I have many friends that have been diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure. These friends still continue on the path of destruction because they are lacking the courage and confidence to be strong and GROW! How many of you during this challenge are still fearful of what your outcome might be?
You cannot live your life in fear. But you also need to know that courage can be developed it doesn’t just occur overnight. Fear causes discouragement and discouragement causes disaster. The disaster’s I am talking about is lack of self-confidence, withdrawing from people, binge eating, and depression. Once you begin a workout routine that you enjoy and you begin to find healthy foods that you love, you will slowly begin to take back your life and try new adventures. The first time I stepped on the mats for kickboxing I was so sick to my stomach because of my nerves and because I was so fearful that people were watching and judging me. I wanted to die or better yet crawl in a hole and hide. Instead I sucked it up and made myself take the class. In that first class, I realized beating on those bags helped clear my head and I stopped thinking for at least an hour about how miserable my life was or how embarrassed I was. Also I was so worried about taking one in the face that distracted me too!
Today as I taught kickboxing I watched a group of women really beat into the bags. I have women in their twenties on up to their late 40’s early 50’s who participate in my class. They love the opportunity to drop their fears at the door and really focus on themselves instead of everyone else. I watched one of my participants encourage her partner throughout her entire workout. These women are learning kickboxing they are not masters and best of all they are losing their fear of embarrassment or that they can’t accomplish something and they are gaining a new more confident women. One important thing the bible says is “The Lord is my light whom shall I fear” the only person or thing you should fear is the Lord. Not the crazy things we think of in our own heads. Remember fear keeps you from moving forward so if you haven’t had any progress in this challenge maybe it’s because you need to let go of the fear and work on GROWING your courage. You can develop courage and one great way is to seek help. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is “For I can do everything through Christ, who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. This is a verse I repeat to myself when I am fearful and think I cannot do something.
We have three weeks left in this challenge and I know there are several of you who have just given up. I am here and I will help you but you have to have the courage to ask for help. If you are struggling call me. Sign up for the next challenge don’t let yourself down by quitting. Reach for the Stars! Set some goals for the next three weeks and make one of them to get to eating healthy and exercising for the next three weeks. You might surprise yourself!

The New Fearless Me!

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