Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dreaming…..The Dream Board

What is a Dream Board?


A dream board is whatever is important to you throughout your journey. This board is your inspiration. It motivates you, it's what drives you to succeed; it's your past, your present and your future. Everyone's board is different and that's what sets everyone apart from the rest. Running a marathon or competing in a fitness completion may not be important to some but to others it might be. Remember to be encouraging and don't let the negative people in your life drag you down. Be proud to post your goals and be sure to visit them daily by hanging your board someplace you will be sure to see every day. Don't be ashamed instead embrace the success that you deserve to have and know you will have it if you believe!

While I was doing my board I wanted to incorporate pictures from my past. I mean what I say, "Never forget where you started! Always believe in where you're going!" Without a plan you will get nowhere fast. The positive comments are just a couple I received during my journey as my friends and family watched me lose weight. The Eat-Clean Diet page is from my success story featured on The Eat-Clean Diet website. I shared my story with millions and I want every day people to know that anything is possible. My favorite and most inspiring Bible verse that I still refer to daily is Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Inspiration comes from many places and the Bible is one. I have favorite fitness models like Jamie Eason and my all time favorite Nicole Wilkins Lee.

Setting goals is important, writing them down even more important.

I have several goals but a few of my goals are:

  • Tighten up them ABS.
  • Train for a competition
  • Receive my BS in Nursing and Masters in Dietetics
  • Help many women reach their goals


Now it's Your Turn!

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