Monday, November 21, 2011

Becoming Healthy Means Being Prepared

I know it is hard to get started on the road to healthy eating and a fit lifestyle but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.  There are a lot of great resources out there and hopefully this blog will give you some great tips too. 

Becoming healthy and losing weight takes time.  This is something that most people don’t want to hear but let’s be realistic did you put the weight on overnight?  I’m guessing your answer is no.  Just like it took you time to gain weight it is going to take time to lose weight but if you learn to organize your life and create plans to eat healthy and add exercise to your day the road will be less bumpy. 

Let’s start with planning your food.  If you have a job where you work demanding hours or if you’re like me a busy mom running all over the planet to basketball, wrestling, and Lord only knows where else; it’s important for me to pack food in a cooler.  I store water in my trunk, almonds inside the car and even fruit too.  Packing a cooler to get you through the day is a great way to avoid hitting a fast food restaurant.  Even the “healthy” salad options aren’t healthy if you look at the nutritional information. 

Here are a few items for a cooler:

·         Water

·         Apples

·         Bananas

·         Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

·         Raw Veggies

·         Hummus

·         Hard Boiled Eggs

·         Baggie of Oatmeal

·         Greek Yogurt

·         Cooked Chicken Breast

·         Protein Powder- Whey *

·         Almond Milk

·         *Don’t forget your protein shaker


If you know that tomorrow your day is going to be very hectic then pack your cooler the night before, after or during your dinner preparation.  If you are really organized dinner is already in the crock-pot waiting to be served.  The Eat Clean Diet website is now collecting “clean” crock-pot meals so check their page.  Back to your cooler, get it prepared and in the refrigerator, post a note on the door and maybe one in your car just in case you have a hectic morning and you’re running late.  The notes will guarantee you don’t leave home without your goodies.  Also boil eggs on the weekends; in our house we tend to boil eggs on Sunday so we have them for snacks and breakfast throughout the week.  Grocer y shopping is completed on Sunday’s and all preparations of cutting, cleaning and preparing any meats are completed at this time.  This will cut down on precious time during the week when you are busy with homework, kids’ activities, etc.  You have to plan in order to be healthy and it’s important that you plan your meals and snacks for each day.  Packing a cooler helps you stick to healthy eating and you will avoid overeating on high fat, carbohydrates and sodium induced meals from fast food chains. 

 Remember keep it simple when it comes to your day and be sure that you pack breakfast, (2) snacks, and lunch.  If your children have activities directly after school then it is a very good idea to pack foods for them as well.  It isn’t fair to them that you are eating healthy and they are eating junk.  Feeding kids unhealthy foods while you eat clean gives mixed signals and you don’t want to be putting harmful foods into your children’s bodies. 

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