Friday, November 18, 2011

New Life Birthday

Summer of 2008 (180 pounds) 
Have you been on the weight loss train before like me?  If you are like most people you start out all gang buster and have the full intention of dropping a good 30 pounds; then a week goes by and you are back to eating unhealthy.  Your body is so sore from the one day you decided to exercise and you can't imagine doing it again.  Guess what you aren't the only person.

Do you know what a "New Life" birthday is?  Probably not but here it is; the day I made the decision to change my life and the first day I began my weight loss journey it became my "New Life" birthday.  I didn't just change my life, I saved my life and my families lives were changed too! January 12, 2009 a day I will always remember, a day I took my life back and a day that is permanently a part of my body; tattooed upon my right foot. When someone asks me if it's one of my children's birthdays I explain; no it's the day my "New Life" was born.

Like you before I made the decision to truly make a change, I tried several times to lose weight and failed miserably. I would buy all the latest exercise videos; if I didn't see the results I wanted by the end of the first week, I would give up.  Today everyone wants a quick fix to weight loss. I mean why not?  We have fast food, drive-thru oil change, Internet on our phone so quick and easy is the norm.  We live in a society today that truly has become a "fast" nation but the only problem is we are killing ourselves quicker then in the past.  More of our population of children are suffering from diabetes or obesity. It's time to take control of our lives and enjoy it with our children and our grandchildren.   Set good examples for your children and help them become active too.  The bigger picture is knowing that weight loss is a lifestyle change and it's not quick or easy.  You have to put good things into your body to get a good body.  If you've ever heard someone say, "abs are made in the kitchen" or "losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise" they aren't kidding.

Learning to eat is the most important way to successfully lose weight. Another way to increase your success is to take multivitamins, Omega 3, and get your system running like a well oiled machine once again.  Don't think that you can't have the body you had back in your younger days.  I'm here to tell you it can be done.  After successfully losing over 60 plus pounds in eight months; I know it can be done.   I did it by incorporating healthy eating, supplements and exercise.  I went from a binge eater; who couldn't bend over to time my shoes without almost passing out, and I looked like I was six months pregnant, to a "clean" eater and looking like this. Most importantly I watched a very dear friend of mine go from being over 400 pounds and now he is around 225! He suffered from high blood pressure, Type II diabetes and other ailments. Now he no longer suffers from these health problems and this was achieved the natural way with proper diet and  exercise.

I am a fitness instructor.  I teach; kickboxing, strength and endurance.  I run a boot camp program during the spring and summer months for women three days a week; outdoors, rain or shine.  I coach women and men to lose weight and I have had proven success.  I have clients now they are great friends and some have lost 40 pounds or more.  I provide weight loss coaching online for people all over the Untied States and I've even worked with out of country clients.

Summer 2011 - Weight Loss Maintained for  three years now! 
My passion is to help make the community healthy again.  Everyone doesn't become overweight without some reason.  People aren't lazy and a lot of weight gain is due to events that happen in someones life that just takes over.  I know unfortunately I was one of them. I gained 50 pounds in about a year and a half.  I was a walking time bomb.  I suffered from postpartum depression because two of my four children were born so close together.  But all of that changed on my "New Life" birthday January 12, 2009.

I encourage you to contact me if you want a "New Life" birthday. I will work with you and help you reach your weight loss goals and get the real you back.  I don't want you to hide behind big clothes, or be embarrassed to go to parties or out to public places.  I know the anxiety caused from all of those situations.

Take the next step and contact me. Email me on my website if you are interested in learning how to lose weight and become happy again.
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Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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