Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fast, Fast, Ways to Make Healthy Meals

Everyone wants fast and fast food leads to a larger waistband.  Here is a link to some very quick 20 minute recipes for all of you “Rushed” moms.  Trying to plan meals around busy schedules and late hours at the office can really stress out just about anyone.

Clean Eating magazine offers a great amount of wonderful recipes from quick and easy to truly extravagant meals.  Let’s keep the extravagant for special occasions and not a Tuesday night.   Crock pot meals are another way to really cut time out of your evening preparing meals.  Instead you can do homework with the kids and all the other things on your list, but still have time to sit down and read a book to your kids before bed or maybe watch something on television.  There is a great Facebook group page called Healthy Crock Pot Meals and the recipes are also for people with gluten intolerance, diabetes, high cholesterol and much more.  Also Crock Pot Girls are on Facebook under groups not all of their recipes are good for you so please be sure to really read the ingredients before making a decision.  Also check out the Skinny Mom Challenge Group page. 

People ask me about recipes a lot.  During the week I don’t make a lot of items that take a lot of effort.  If I do make a recipe I only make something I am familiar with.  Another helpful way to cut down on time is prepare meals over the weekend like; vegetable lasagna, soups, chili and freeze them for later in the week.  Grill a large batch of chicken breasts; put half in the freezer and the other half in the fridge.  You can use the chicken for salads, soups, etc., then in the middle part of the week or the following week thaw out the remainder of cooked chicken breasts and use them.   Prepare double batches of soups, chili recipes and freeze half for another time.  I do this with sauces, chili, and soups.  You can grab a bag of your frozen meal of choice, thaw it in the refrigerator and then throw  it in a pot once you get home. 

Remember it really isn’t as hard as you think.  Sometimes we just need to hear ideas from others and if you have fast tips then pass them on to other moms.  They will really appreciate it!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

God Bless You and Your Family! 

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