Monday, October 26, 2009

A Little Confidence Goes A Long Way

How do you gain confidence? Confidence is really what you think of yourself. If you think badly of yourself then you feel like everyone else looks at you the same way. The mind is a big reason people become overweight. In order for you to work on your confidence the first thing you must do is lover yourself and become the best person you can be.

Take a challenge, set small goals, along with with big goals and watch your confidence grow as you achieve your goals and beat your challenges. The Skinny Mom Challenge, challenges you to make better choices and change your food intake and the big challenge is to incorporate exercise into your day to day life. There are so many advertisements for quick weight loss and yet they fail time and time again. Why not find something to challenge you? When you begin to reach your goals and step out of your comfort zone you will be surprised at how much confidence you will gain.

How do you get started building your confidence? Here are some things you can do; first begin an exercise program at home. Don't be ashamed to workout in front of your husband and your children. This is the first step to confidence. You may be surprised that if you stick with this for a few weeks your children or your husband may decide to join you. Once people take notice that you are trying to make a change in your life sometimes they will want to join you. Having family join you will bring your confidence up because you will realize you are helping others make a change in their life. Step out of your comfort zone and go to a community center to exercise or join an exercise class once or twice a week. Exercising outside of your home will begin to build confidence because you are stepping out of your comfort zone. This will also help you find other people who are having the same feelings you are having. Yes, there are others like you, scared to death but daring to try something new. Once you realize that you can make it through a class with other people, you will begin to feel more confident. Trust me, when you are in a class, nobody is paying attention to what you can or can't do. Everyone in the class is too busy focusing on what they are trying to do.

Being confident means you have to face your fears. You will cry, sweat, and fall flat on your face at times but knowing this and having the courage to get back up and do it again will build your confidence. Don't try to do everything alone or everything at once. Find a friend or even your spouse to join you on your road to a new you. Find someone in our Skinny Mom Challenge to become your workout partner or person to hold you accountable.

To become confident you need to find your purpose. What is your purpose? Find something you believe in and commit yourself to it. Set your goals and focus on achieving them, it's not how fast you lose weight it's the obstacles you climb and the goals you reach that will build your confidence and help you realize you can do anything!

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