Friday, May 25, 2012

Part of Me...

I think Katie Perry said it best, "This is a part of me that you're never, ever gonna take away from me." Everyone has that feeling as they age that a part of them is lost. Now that we are parents and spouses we have to be responsible and we begin to somehow lose a part of ourselves. You wake up and look in the mirror and realize your life now revolves around responsibilities like; children, jobs, parents, and bills. I know as a mom I lost myself; I realized four years ago I was a mom and a wife but that seemed to be all I could say about myself. I didn't have hobbies and I rarely spent time with friends. Four years ago I didn't know who I was anymore. I stared at myself in a dressing room mirror almost seventy pounds overweight. It's important as parents or individuals to have something for you. Don't get lost and feel like you’re only existence is for taking care of your children and your spouse and neglecting yourself along the way. It's important to find some sort of healthy balance. I have changed my lifestyle and lost 68 pounds. I did that because I made it priority to take care of myself. I know it's hard to take care of you because I have four children, a husband that works 80 hours a week, I'm trying to manage going to school and my own business. I still fly by the seat of my pants but I wouldn't be able to do any of it without support from my husband, friends, and exercising six days a week. I did lose a huge part of me when I had my last two children because I suffered from depression but exercise and changing my diet got me out of my depression. Remember there are a part of the old you inside waiting to come out. I really encourage you to try taking small steps to get back to the person you were before; the person who had more energy and was much happier. Don't let life run you over and realize when you hit 50 you have so many health problems that you should have done something. Don't have regrets and most importantly don't let someone take that one part of you away.

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