Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cardio From HELL

Today's cardio was supposed to be a combination of legs/cardio.  What this means is; I was supposed to pull a weighted sled, on a trail for (a) one mile or (b) ten minutes.  Let's just say I got a little overzealous.  I took my kids to a local park that has trails, loaded up my sled with originally 85 pounds and ended up chucking off 25 pounds at about a quarter mile.  Pulling a 85 pound sled across gravel, grass, dirt and concrete for just that quarter mile I thought my legs were going to fall off.  The grass literally makes the sled feel like it's hit quicksand!  Once I took off a twenty-five pound plate, hit the sand I could move a bit faster but reality set in.  There wasn't any way I was going to come close to a one mile pull before ten minutes with 60 pounds My Nike app kept pausing, resuming, pausing and I'm pretty sure I dropped the "F bomb" to many times to count.  When I finished my app didn't even get the entire pull.  My three kids, espesially my sixteen year old cheered me the last quarter mile as I reloaded the twenty-five pound plate and walked backwards up a slight incline to finish off the last quarter mile with 85 pounds. I wouldn't have done it without them! 

Although I didn't make the one mile sled pull like I thought I would; I did get one hell of a cardio/leg workout.  My legs are still screaming!   I will be rethinking my weight until I'm able to master that one mile walk in 10 minutes.  Secondly, I will bring bug spray!! I have mosquito bites all over me.  I learned two valuable lessons; check your ego at the path and never underestimate sled pulls in grass again.  Here is what my app did manage to get.  I'm not going to get discouraged, instead my goal is to hit a half mile using 35 pounds by next week.   Train hard! 

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