Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lifting Heavy and Fueling My Body

I’m working harder in the gym.  Increasing the load volume and increasing my time under tension.  My muscles are sore and I’m focusing on listening to my body and taking much needed rest days.  Fueling my body correctly to avoid overeating as well as illness is important.  I’m making sure I am eating good carbohydrates like oatmeal, oat bran, sweet potatoes and brown rice.    Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates, they are an important energy source for the body.  It is important to understand a healthy balance of carbohydrates, protein and good fats.  Our brains use carbohydrates to function and send messages throughout our body for our systems to work.  Depleting carbohydrates for long periods of time can increase health risks.  During the final stages before a competition carbohydrates will begin being tapered down. This is for the competition and once it’s over carbohydrates are consumed again. Understand sustaining extremely low carbohydrate intake for really long periods of time is not healthy.  Muscle growth requires a greater percentage of carbohydrates than protein. 

Wednesday Workout
Single Leg Deadlift
Set 1/ 12 Rep/ 88 lb.
Set 2/ 12 Rep/ 88 lb.
Set 3/ 8 Rep/ 97 lb.
Set 4/ XX
Double KB Front Squats
Set 1/ 12 Rep/ 77 lb.
Set 2/ 10 Rep/ 79 lb.
Set 3/ 8 Rep /88 lb.
Set 4/ 7 Rep/ 97lb.
Set 1/ 12 Rep
Set 2 / 12 Rep
Set 3/ 12 Rep
Strict Pull-up SS Narrow Grip Ring Rows
Set 1/ 4 Rep SS
12 Rep
Set 2/ 2 Rep SS 10Rep
Set 3/ 6 Rep (Band Assisted) SS 5 Rep
Bicep Curls BB
Set 1/ 12 Rep/ 45 lb.
Set 2/ 10 Rep/ 55 lb.
Set 3/ 9 Rep/ 55 lb.
Tricep Dips Plate Loaded
Set 1/ 12 Rep/ 25 lb.
Set 2/ 8 Rep/ 35 lb.
Set 3/ 10 Rep/ 45 lb.

 Rest time between each set :60 to :90 seconds and :20 seconds between Skater sets.  

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