Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Are The Competition

It’s that time of year again, time to watch the “fittest” on the planet compete for the title of The Fittest Male/Female.   Although I don’t train in a CrossFit facility I still enjoy watching the games. I love to see the sick workouts they are required to do.  I cringe watching the competitors that still need to improve their Olympic lifts and I cheer for the underdogs.  Would I do it?  Maybe if I would have known about it four years ago but not now. 

I love competition but I especially love competing with myself.  I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically.   I know sometimes when I’m really challenging myself I scream out, clap and jump up and down.  My workouts are not for everyone and that is okay.  To me it’s important to continue to challenge my bodies’ energy systems.  I work on my lactate threshold.  I work till I can’t go anymore.  However for my clients I work on their goals and within their scope of needs. I’m training them to be healthy outside of the gym. 

An example of training within their scope; a client this morning told me she gave me props on her Facebook.  She explained she moved 60 bags of mulch after she had moved 120 bags over the weekend.  Mind you she’s probably less than five feet tall, no bigger than a minute but she’s healthy and strong.   Her story is what I love to hear.  I want to know that everyone I train can complete tasks at home without the assistance of someone else.  

When you exercise or do anything for your health it is YOU against YOURSELF.  Don’t worry about others or competing with someone else.  It’s your workout!  Train smart, train hard and most importantly train for life.  If you want to train with me find me on Facebook or DragonDoor

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