Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Road to Gains

In order to see changes within our body it's important to understand the FITT principle.  If you consistently use the same weight, reps, duration and type of training the body stops responding.  Our bodies becomes accustomed to training as well as diet.  If you eat the same foods over and over then your body will again stop responding.  

What is the FITT principle?  
F= Frequency-  Increase your frequency of training to improve fitness or increase muscle. This means if you currently train three days a week then increase it to four, five or six. Progress using the ten percent rule to reduce injury.

I= Intensity- Increasing the intensity by increasing the load, reps or sets.  

T= Time- Increase the duration of your workout time.  If you currently complete 40 seconds of swings, squats or run for 30 minutes then it's time to increase the time. You can also decrease your rest time.

T= Type- Change up your exercise routine!  Believe me when I say the body becomes bored with the same training.  If you currently do body build try another form of resistance training like Powerlifting! Add some Yoga for body weight exercises or simply do some days of good old calisthenics.  Go back to old school training; pull-ups, squats and deadlifts this hits multi-group muscles. Compound movements are your friend.  

Always remember the ten percent rule when progressing your exercise.  This will help your body avoid potential injuries.  Injuries that often occur due to excessive increase in workload are tendinitis, shoulder impingements, bursitis and stress fractures.  Listen to your body and progress and a manageable rate that the body can handle.  

Also remember to take a rest when your body just don't seem to be performing as well.  Watch for symptoms of overtraining or burnout.  

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