Monday, June 11, 2012

A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

I have been missing in action for a week due to our family vacation.  The kids and I traveled to Outer Banks, North Carolina or OBX for those of you who are familiar.  This is our family vacation with my parents that we take each summer.  I did manage to get in some running several days and one day of kettlebells; which I will say wasn’t enough considering the butt kicking I got to day when I returned. 

During vacation I was able to plan workouts for my boot camp that begins tomorrow and take lots of photos.  They say pictures are worth a thousand words and this vacation my daughter managed to catch some photos of me with my mom and they caused a stir on my mom’s Facebook page.  My mom started her first 24 Day Challenge on March 24 check out her before photo. 

Since then my mom is down 25 pounds!  She received so many positive comments on her Facebook page after her friends and family saw these photos.  One of the comments someone said, “you look like you’re in your twenties”!  WOW now that was cool!  Everyday my mom is working 12 hour days as a nurse practitioner then she comes home and hits the pavement running.  She eats clean each week and you can find her planning and preparing her meals on Sunday’s for the next week.  She has found a balance and the proof is in the pictures!

Don’t get discouraged and think you cannot accomplish your goals because it’s too hard instead let me help you and join the many others who take my challenge and let them be your support and your encouragement. 

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