Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daily Rambling of A Fitness Mom

Good Morning! 

Today I started out with our boot camp class and if you are familiar with kettlebells then todays workout will be a good one for you.  If you’re unfamiliar with kettlebells you can perform the thrusters with dumbbells and complete the 24 portion of the workout. 

I’m still working on The Eat Clean Diet eating and Paleo.  If you are not familiar with The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno please check it out.  This is not a diet it’s a lifestyle of eating clean minus the chemically induced foods our current society eats.  I’ve been stricter with my eating and eliminating restaurant eating has helped.  I’ve also cut back on oatmeal and eliminated bread. Although I do love oatmeal and bread is okay but they make me look bloated.   I’m also avoiding fruit after lunch and I’m being very strict about my fish oil.  Try not to forget food timing and drinking plenty of water.  Many times overeating is caused by dehydration or long periods of time between each meal.  If you’re a grazer while making dinner or you find yourself starving then you are not eating during the day or your meals are too far apart.  I learned food timing by setting an alarm on my phone for every three hours from the last time I sat down to eat.  I conditioned my mind and now I don’t need the alarm.  This is much like our kids; once they are out of school in the summer they are still hungry around the same time as their school lunch period. 

Dinner last night the kids wanted bratwurst and I was craving hamburgers.  Everyone got what they wanted. 

·         Lean Hamburgers 96/4

·         Chili Pepper Flakes

·         Mrs. Dash Italian Seasoning (No Salt)

·         Sliced Avocado

·         Sliced Onions

·         Sliced Roma Tomatoes

·         No Condiments (Paleo)

·         Corn – Kids

·         Asparagus- Mom 

Yummy Burgers


I really love the summer because making food on the grill is very quick and it keeps the kitchen from getting messy.  Less is more! This is especially helpful for busy moms. 


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