Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eating for You

During the spring semester of school I found myself overwhelmed by my Anatomy/Physiology class.  If you're a student or a mother and a student I'm sure you can relate.  My meals and planning was less than great.  I realized I wasn’t being consistent with my vitamins and I wasn’t being consistent with my meal planning.  Now that school is out I’m focusing on being prepared for  Fall semester and organizing myself, because 16 credit hours may be the death of me.  Especially advanced physiology!

I started rereading my The Eat Clean Diet books and now I’m working on some Paleo eating as well.  I’m not planning on going crazy with Paleo but I do plan to stick with vegetables and lean meats and avoid the chemical shit storm foods.  I’m not a huge carnivore; I don’t like bacon that well and with high cholesterol in my family it’s really important for me to watch the fats.  I’ve tried a few simple meals and I’m finding that less is more.  What do I mean? Keep the ingredients at a minimal.  At breakfast I baked a very small sweet potato and mashed it, added 4 egg whites scrambled with spinach leafs wilted in grape seed oil.  (Grape seed oil, Paleo recommended) I did add some seasonings; red chili pepper flakes and onion powder.  Dinner was another easy meal and my kids love Sobu noodles (wheat noodles) so I made them separately.  I made stir-fry with chicken, bok choy, spinach, yellow onion, asparagus, squash, ginger and red chili pepper seasoning.  Since soy sauce is off the Paleo menu I skipped that and let my kids add it later.  I did pretty well. 
Breakfast, Eggs & Sweet Potato Scramble
Chicken Stir-Fry

Don’t get me wrong I’m still working on getting 100% back on track and I did have two beers which of course aren’t on either eating plan! But I was cheering for our Pacers so I will say I had a 95% day!  Don’t get discouraged when you start your journey and you have a slip up.  It’s not the end of the world and don’t throw everything out the window because you make one bad choice.  Write you’re your meals or take photos and keep going.  If you document what you’re eating you will be more aware and have a better success rate. 

Keep it up and keep going!  It’s your journey and nobody else can stop you!




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