Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting Started While Being Resonable

Do you have to come from an athletic family or be a former athlete to be fit? The answer is absolutely NOT. 


Iceland Annie
Whether it’s been many years, never or your family is athletic it doesn’t matter because inside of you is an athlete.   Its determination, drive, fire, skill and heart that will help you accomplish your goal.   The problem is people set their expectations too high in the beginning and then feel like a failure when they can’t stand up to them.  Instead of working like you’ve been doing it for years start out at your own reasonable pace.  Modify exercises that you can’t do and if you are working against a clock so what if you can’t finish the entire round.  It’s more important to try to do a little than to do nothing at all.

Rich Froning Jr.
 The athlete inside of you will come out but it takes time.  We aren’t all Rich Froning Jr. (2x CrossFit Games Champion) or Annie Thorisdottir (CrossFit Winner).  These two athletes make training their life and that’s not what you’re trying to accomplish.  Instead focus on getting your daily exercise and eating a balanced diet with many fruits, vegetables and lean meats.  Those two things are what will keep your muscles working and your body healthy.  

Also you don’t have to go to a gym to get a great workout.  I know many people that set up small gyms in their garage or a small space in their house.  There are many workouts that can be accomplished without equipment or even a minimal amount of equipment.  One kettlebell can be used for many exercises.  The investment may be $25-$30 until you need a higher weight.  A simple jump rope costs $6 and you don’t have to purchase a jump rope you can always fake it.  Now that Pinterest is available online you can get a multitude of body weight exercises.  Smart phones have apps available for timers and now you have your own at home gym. 


Here are a few things to get you started:

  1. Mark your calendar for exercise days
  2. Write down everything you eat
  3. Look for body weight exercises online at places like Pinterest
  4. Set your goals- Daily, Weekly, Monthly (Without goals you’re less likely to succeed)
  5. Remember this is YOUR JOURNEY!

Be the athlete you wanted to be!


Good luck!

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